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Along with the return of ‘Rock Variety’ format, I was relieved to see the Rubber Room back into the normal 104.5 Triple M schedule last Monday (February 8) along with Cold 30 countdowns as per the late 2015 schedule.

Some excellent Cold 30 countdowns from 1984, 1985 & 1989 broadcast last week from 10pm - midnight. I also would love to see the return of the early 1990s & late 1970s Cold 30 countdowns. An example playlist (May 1992) from Adelaide (presumably prior to the ‘Classic Rock’ format being adopted):

MMM is covering 5 NAB Challenge games through Melbourne and Adelaide stations.

20/2: Adelaide vs West Coast (Unley Oval), ADELAIDE ONLY
26/2: Geelong vs Collingwood (Kardinia Park), MELBOURNE ONLY
27/2: Port Adelaide vs Melbourne (Elizabeth Oval, AKA The Ponderosa), ADELAIDE ONLY (Angus Monfries, a member of the Essendon 34 suspended from Port Adelaide, is slated for special comments on this game)
10/3: Richmond vs Port Adelaide (Docklands), Both Markets
12/3: Hawthorn vs North Melbourne (Docklands), Both Markets

SEN is covering every game for those interested.

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Everything Melbourne promo, saw it at the Grand Prix last year just updated to feature Mick Molloy. But seen the same ad in Newcastle for KOFM a year or two ago m, just featuring Newcastle obviously

From the Radio Green Room on Facebook:

Triple M Melbourne are running teasers at the TOH’s stating Monday at 9am they’ll be “Pushing the button” for a reboot. What’s the go anyone?

105.1 Latham FM?

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Format similar to Brisbane or Adelaide maybe?

Argh. Why fix what’s not broken?

This is probably the best place to post the following.

Mix 94.5 in Perth will have its own live & local AFL call team throughout the 2016 season, covering all the Eagles & Dockers’ home & away matches. The team will consist of Adrian Barich, Andrew Embley, Lachy Reid & Tania Armstrong.

Its coverage will also heard across WA on SCA’s RadioWest network, Redwave Media (Spirit/Red FM) & West Coast Radio (6MM Mandurah).

Source: Radio Today

Will Mix 94.5’s coverage of Eagles and Dockers’ home games be heard on Triple M Melbourne, if they host a Victorian team, and Triple M is allocated those matches each week?

That’s how the Triple M website is promoting this.

good to see higgo back on 105.1


pretty unprofessional music loop through the website when the swans play pretty certain the songs are the same every week they do a swans game

What’s unprofessional about it?

handfull of songs played over and over every hour no effort to cater for the listeners that dont get the afl call

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Because they want you to go and stream their AFL call via the AFL website, not listen to their music loop.


Triple M Brisbane had the Cold 30 on tonight. What NRL games does Triple M have the rights to call?

MMM Sydney were calling a Swans game last night (I was hoping their rights for this would have expired by now. Certainly hope they haven’t renewed it!)

I THiNK they do 4 games a week - Thursday night, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon and Monday nights. Not sure what happens when there is a clash with a Swans game, if they can pick up another game in a timeslot they don’t normally call, or if they just forego it.

Triple M Brisbane didn’t call any NRL games yesterday

The AFL radio rights expire at the end of this season. There’s no doubt Triple M will renew them when the opportunity arises (important for them in Melbourne & Adelaide) but probably make a provision to give them more leeway in NSW & QLD so the NRL takes preference over AFL if there’s a clash between the two.

If there’s a clash with a Swans game, they call the game but only for Triple M Brisbane and regional networks - providing MMM Brisbane isn’t also airing a Lions game.

If Triple M really wants to be the “home” of the NRL as per their tagline, then they have no choice but to ensure they renew AFL rights for Melb and Adel ONLY.

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