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Must have been watching pete live…

Sure was

Great to hear Rosie back on the Hot Breakfast. She’s definitely been missed.


There was a caller on The Nightshift going off his head with the delay of programming for The Nightshift on Mix 94.5 in Perth, Luke Bona is live in regional WA. I have to agree I would like to see Luke Bona live

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Still nothing on the replacement yet. Mustn’t be too long now

Just in the new host for mix94.5 Rush Hour as of Monday is Dave (forgot his surname) and thankgod he’s an eagles supporter!!

Dave Ferrier. Perth boy. Starts August 5th.

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Are TripleM looking at introducing a Heavy Metal type station on Digital Radio shortly?The survey I filled out this week gave me an option of 3 montages of songs that were on the heavier side of rock.At the end of the survey they asked for possible station names.
I know that “hard and heavy” is still playing on Classic Rock Digital but is only 2 hours a week.


In that case, not related to Bruce Ferrier?

This is Bruce:

This is Dave:

Mix 94.5’s Elissa Macneall handed over the anchor role of Dead Set Legends to Paul Hogan ex 96fm presenter as of this morning.

Good to hear Tim Lordan on all week including today


Surely there is some one else then Hogan
He has the personality of a Pea :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

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Hogan is from the SCA club, his move to 96 bfast was never a concern for them. Hogan and SCA would’ve both known they’d be back together once 96 had its run with him.

Triple M Brisbane have brought back the ‘2 for Tuesday ‘ today ,2 songs by same singer/band .Do any of the other metro Triple M stations have it too?

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They have it in Melbourne too.

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What’s happening to Digby?

God I hope so. I think they should be playing this stuff at nights

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Mix 94.5 ever since 6am this morning WST they have been editing the songs and only starting the playing from the first word of the song like some Toto’s, Imagine Dragons, Pink’s, Murray Heads etc not sure why even tho this morning 12am to 6am they played songs in full. Plus now after Dead Set legends 10am to 12pm hearing a new voice don’t think it’s Dave Ferrier but keen to see who it is. See who’s on after 12.

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My pet hate is when they start talking when there’s another 20-30 seconds of the vocals in the song remaining.