Trial By Kyle

Discuss upcoming 10 series Trial By Kyle, after the show was picked up during Pilot Week 2018.

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Is the first defendant the Virgin Mary?

I’m surprised Ten hasn’t shelved this considering the controversy surrounding him at the moment.

Like water off a duck’s back. He never suffers any consequences. Ten are probably hoping the controversy will boost the show.


I am not too sure why that was so controversial

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I’d like to see a show where the audiences mouths at least match the “hysterical” laughter that we can hear

let’s hope this show lasts longer than Saturday Night Rove! :smiley:


This has a “so bad it’s good” appeal so I think it will work reasonably well. I assume it’ll go Thursday nights as a Gogglebox replacement?

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I shamefully watched and rather enjoyed this last year. Like it wasn’t even that great, funny or groundbreaking, but just found myself enjoying the ‘cases’. Anna from S1 of Bachelor was pretty good.

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Shame on you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve already read the title to mean it is a trial for the the viewer to watch so that they are subject to ‘trial by Kyle’ :wink:


I agree shows worth watching with Anna in it !

What sort of ratings are they expecting 300-400 ,000 is acceptable with a show like this? Must be cheap to make.

isn’t because he offended Christians & Muslims by saying stuff about Virgin Mary.

But isn’t that just what he believes?

So anyone can say what they want, if it’s what they believe? Are you just playing Devil’s Advocate? :wink:

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Well if someone can say Mary didn’t have sex can’t someone just say that they don’t believe that happened?

And if people say you are an abomination in the eyes of God, can’t you just say you’re not?

To be fair I am not 100% sure exactly what he said. Maybe what I have read is a watered down version. I just thought he said he though that Mary was a cockblock or something.