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can’t help but feel like they don’t want the transparency these trackers enable. I know in the last few months i have had quite a few flights including ones to heathrow and knowing my bags are loaded is a relief


Choice awarded Quantas the top Shonky Award labelling the airline as the ‘spirit of disappointment’.

They are so arrogant down there at Qantas.

I would have thought the passengers are actually doing the airline a favour by assisting its lost baggage department by telling them where the damn bag is!

I have stuck one AirTag inside my checked luggage and in about a dozen flights within the last few months, all have tracked accurately to the baggage hold.

Perhaps Air New Zealand don’t want to passengers to see in New York for example that they are are leaving all luggage due to weight problems. Bad enough they are only informing passengers when they arrive in Auckland. I see that particular flight is still having problems.

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Take the L and move on

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Am I shonky? No, it’s the customers who are wrong.

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There’s real Iraqi minister of information vibes about Qantas’ response


Once upon a time they’d have an army of defenders out there as well on the aviation websites and on the comments pages of the various news outlets, but it seems those have almost completely evaporated this year.

Bit of a question, I have to watch 10 live on 10play, and up to the Melbourne Cup every ad break had a gambling service commercial, since then every ad break now has a United Airlines commercial, but it seems like a US commercial to me, doesn’t connect with Australia at all. Would there be a reason for it?

I guess they have money to spend. Their new campaign started this week which coincides with the kickoff of new flights between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and the U.S.

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i’m on aviation websites and forums quite a bit (as a licensed single engine pilot it comes with the territory)

i think the shine of qantas has worn off, especially in the aviation community. it comes from a few things - the way they have been treating pilots during the project sunrise negations have been a big one & the service (even in business) has gone downhill whilst fares skyrocket.

I know qantas used to be my preferred carrier when travelling for work, but September i flew Singapore to London than virgin Atlantic to Chicago and the upper deck / business offering crapped all over qantas for better prices

New International terminal now open


great news, hopefully there are more passenger facilities post outbound immigration.

next needs to be Brisbane. i heard talk of a major upgrade and building a new international terminal next to the current domestic one in time for the Olympic games with the current international being a VIP terminal during the games for athletes and delegates but I’ve not heard anything since

TV report

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The Brisbane upgrades is probably on the back burner until they sort out the noise complaints from the Greens and their voters and flight paths. It would be nice if they were able to at least open most of if not all the food outlets in the existing international terminal first as well.

That means that my parents have to put up with more noisy aircraft flying over their home


I already have too much aircraft noise where I live👎

As more people are travelling during the upcoming festive season (during the CoVID world), a comprehensive travel insurance with CoVID coverage is obviously a ‘must have’.

Not sure if people are aware but I have just discovered a very sneaky fine-print that has impacted a couple of people that I know. You must purchase your insurance ahead of time or outside the 21-day prior to departure otherwise you may not be eligible to claim on all your prepaid and non-refundable travel expenses.

I’ve got mine just outside the 21-day period but my friend got theirs within the 21-day period. So praying that COVID doesn’t wreak havoc in our lives before we fly out :pray: