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Funny thing was the aircraft I flew on last week was 20 years old and the same one I flew on in 2002 from Melbourne to Brisbane, I know cause it’s rego is the same as my name initials. It was showing its age I will say. Time to upgrade the fleet.

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I’ve travelled on the same Jetstar aircraft twice now,8 years apart,this aircraft now has new livery for the ‘Light Year’ movie

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I think this is from the changes with Virgin almost going bust.

Wouldn’t know given I’ve been Platinum Velocity Member for a number of years, which gives me 3 checked bags on all but the cheapest fare.

On another note, have had to get a little fancy regarding FF accumulation for the Auckland trip at the end of October. Flying Air New Zealand for the international legs, but when booking directly via their site I found I couldn’t link either Virgin or Qantas Frequent Flyer accounts, and so I’ve resorted to earning Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer Miles, which is a concern that I’m actually a member given I’ve flown them literally three times in my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to convert to Virgin Points post flight but I’m not sure how long this will take.

Virgin have a new ‘lite’ fare bucket which is seat only, no seat selection and bags.

However having a look not available on all flights selected only.

Does not appear on many routes in which they still seem to be price matching Rex. Example is Melbourne to Sydney $79 Choice Fare only, no Lite fares on selected flights. Choice includes baggage. Few hours later when they are not price matching Rex, Lite fares are available but much more.

Best value fares seem to be these VA to Rex price matching fares.

Australia’s latest passport design, the R series, debuted yesterday.