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Hundreds of Bonza staff are expected to be permanently terminated after hopes of finding a buyer for the embattled airline fade.

Administrators said staff would likely have to rely on the government’s entitlement recovery program to claw back wages and salaries they are owed. They also indicated they would be looking into a legal claim against insurers.

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Vivid Sydney has grown so much and the crowds are unbelievable now.

Got coverage on Nine News Sydney lsst night. Would have been approaching NYE Fireworks levels.

Glad I went to Vivid a couple of weeks ago, huge crowds like that are very unpleasant and can be scary.

That drone light show would have been amazing to see though.

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A Virgin Australia plane from Queenstown in NZ bound for Melbourne was forced to make an emergency landing in Invercargill last evening, apparently due to a bird strike just after take-off.

Queenstown Airport has confirmed that bird remains were found at the far end of the runway shortly after the plane took off. The airport had passed on the information to Virgin Australia to support the airline’s investigation.


I would have been very scared if I’d been a passenger on that flight


The cost of a cruise holiday is about to skyrocket as companies battle rising taxes at Melbourne ports.

The Victorian government is being accused of a ‘cash grab’ that could drive cruise ships away permanently.

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Who is cruising? Gross.

I’ve never been a fan, the industry does have those rusted on cruise travellers. Cruises often skew older demo also. I’d only go on one of those luxury high end cruises etc, would never been in my price range sadly!

Those P&O, Carnival things would be my worst nightmare.

I know some people who went on that recent Virgin cruise who said it was top notch. I think they don’t allow anyone under 18 which is one plus

I have never been to a cruise, would love to try out one day.


i do it all the time with the wife and kids. we love it. unpack once and go to multiple places. most food included (most ships have upcharge restaurants) kids clubs for the kids so me and the wife can have dinner alone or just spend time together.

we are going on a disney cruise later this year and are really looking forward to it

I want to go on a cruise one day for the radio DXing opportunities moreso than anything else :joy:

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I did a short 3 day cruise off the coast of Sydney one year just to see what it was like, and I wasn’t a fan… I think I would feel ‘trapped’ being on one of those things for any longer, they are not as a big as they seem as much of the floor space on those ships isn’t publicly accessible.

I could probably say the same thing about long distance train travel too, I think I would feel trapped on a multi day train trip like the Ghan or Indian Pacific… though I am taking the XPT from Newcastle to Casino (then bus to the Gold Coast) next month but that is only 10 hours, and is mostly daylight so there is much more scenery to watch passing by out the window.


I have never done a cruise and don’t think they would be my thing. But I see the appeal to some people. Everyone gets enjoyment in different ways. Not sure I would use the word gross.


Yeh I know. Poor choice of words. (I’d had a few after work beers).

Not my thing but I can appreciate it is for some.


Speaking of which, The Ghan and Indian Pacific have been turned into luxury train holidays with long stopovers and side trips, since they were sold in the late 1990s.

I would love to see the return of more basic overnight sleeper trains, like those operating in Europe and China. These trains could run separately, between Adelaide and Sydney, and between Adelaide and Perth, on the days that Indian Pacific doesn’t operate.


I guess the reason why they don’t exist is because of the comparatively cheap airfares, which they probably couldn’t compete against … which is why I imagine they’ve had to evolve in the more luxury experience as such.

And The Indian Pacific prices reflect that… $7,515 pp for single supplement for the top of the range Platinum class for 4 days / 3 nights ain’t cheap.

By comparison, my first class (seat only) XPT fare from Newcastle to Casino with bus to the Gold Coast is $139.