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I’d be focusing on that part of the world in summer, and Kangaroo Island too (though that will likely be packed). The Barossa is f-off hot at that time of year. By contast, Victor Harbor and KI are usually the coolest places in the state, if not the whole of mainland Australia! The hills around Cape Jervis can be downright cold in summer (specifically, the Parawa West weather station).

The cold ocean off SA causes both the mild temperatures near the coast and very dry, warm conditions inland (by inhibiting cloud cover). At least it’s not humid like eastern Australia.

Jetstar celebrated its 20th birthday today, by re-creating the inaugural flight from Newcastle to Melbourne. The original pilot, cabin crew and passengers were aboard this special flight.

Jetstar is also preparing to launch new flights between Melbourne and Hervey Bay in June.


Bonza employees say they are losing hope after learning they will remain stood down without pay and unable to accept other work for a further two months, after administrators were granted an extension to find a buyer for the troubled airline.

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Both services will launch on the same day - June 28.


Sydney to Perth is expected in coming months with an additional plane.

I flew with Rex last year. Highly recommend them.


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Robert Irwin fronts the TV advertisement, inviting viewers to “come play”.

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So time to ask for a little advice for a planned trip at the end of November to run in the Singapore Marathon. In essence the return trip is pretty much locked in, but the whole week before is only semi planned. What I’m planning to do is take a few days in Malaysia (Monday-Thursday, mostly KL) before commuting via bus to Singapore for race day on Sunday having booked a room from Thursday. The questions that I have are

(1) Which departure port of these would be my best bet to depart Australia from: Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin or Perth?
(2) Should I fly into Singapore (meaning an extra night in Singapore if I depart from the 2 Northern most ports on my list given arrival times) and bus my way into Malaysia or take a flight into Kuala Lumpur, knowing that I get status credits and points (Virgin) if I fly Singapore Airlines and not any of the budget airlines which also rules out a Gold Coast departure?
(3) Any suggestions as to where to go around KL apart from the Petronas Towers which I assume are probably crowded?


The parent company behind P&O, Carnival Cruise Line has announced that the P&O brand will be folded into Carnival Cruise in March next year due to necessary cost-saving exercise.


Are they not just red eye flights utilising aircraft that would otherwise just sit idle overnight?

They could have launched these flights last year.

It’s a slow targeted growth expansion.

Seems to be working for Rex.

Having a look at the latest financial results I would probably say the house is burning down?

Seems to be $1m cash burn per week for the last 3 years.

VA have revealed a new on board menu that commenced earlier this week for both Business and Economy.

Now it’s time for the Lounges to receive a much needed improvement.

The ABC adds:

Between 10 and 20 jobs will be lost in Australia and Carnival says crew members will be assigned to other ships, although it’s not clear where or how.

Acting P&O Cruises Australia and Carnival Australia lead Peter Little will be retained under the new title of country manager.

Bring back Fairstar the Funship!

The Project mentioned it is scrap metal now.

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They did a story on cruise ship graveyards tonight.

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