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The opposite of Bonza… the thought of Captain Cupcake in budgie smugglers.
I hope everyone has had dinner yet.

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I’d say it’s about as pleasant as Bonza’s current financial state! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Administrator Hall Chadwick revealed default notices were issued to the airline on April 17, almost two weeks before customers were left scrambling to secure alternative flights.

Bonza leased its entire fleet of Boeing 737-8 planes and those agreements were terminated late on Monday night.

Company directors claimed action taken by lessors that forced them to ground flights was “not foreshadowed or expected”, Hall Chadwick said in a statement.

Insufficient cash flow and funding was preventing Bonza from continuing to operate, the administrator said.

In a further update late on Friday, Hall Chadwick confirmed 302 workers had been stood down out of a total workforce of 323 people.

They were informed during a virtual meeting on Thursday evening.

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Interesting article that claims Bonza was close to being sold off prior to the grounding of its aircrafts

Yeah that was announced a little while ago.

Cocaine, football clubs and Miami Beach: The rise and quick nosedive of Bonza

Air Vanuatu confirmed in a statement on Thursday afternoon all international flights until Sunday were cancelled, and flights after that day are “under review”.

“The Vanuatu government is now considering placing Air Vanuatu, the national carrier of Vanuatu, into voluntary administration,” the statement said.

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Updated this morning

The Vanuatu government has placed Air Vanuatu into voluntary liquidation.

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The ABC understands the airline’s debts total more than $116 million, including $77 million in loans, $16 million owed to trade creditors, $10.5 million to airports, $4.6 million to the plane lessors, $5.3 million in employee wages and entitlements, and $58,000 to customers for cancelled flights.

New brand identity for Taiwan tourism:

The new brand logo is a collaboration between Dentsu and Bito, founded by Keng Ming Liu, who recently won the Presidential Innovation Award. An international award-winning design team from Bito led the design, closely aligning with the Tourism Administration’s marketing focus of " Enjoy the Mountains, Embrace the Sea, and Explore the Island, " showcasing the dynamic contours of Taiwan’s mountains and the charm of its oceans. Furthermore, the Taiwan tourism theme song is composed and written by famous musician Chris Hou, who has won the Golden Melody, Golden Horse, and Golden Bell Awards, marking his third time composing the theme song for Taiwan Tourism. The New Taiwan Tourism Brand Version 3.0 can be described as a convergence of top talents from various industries in Taiwan, shining brightly with their collective efforts.

The new logo of the Taiwan tourism brand integrates imagery such as Taiwan’s mountains, oceans, winding roads, and railways, presenting a design with wave-like contours. It adopts the orange of sunrise, not only continuing the warmth and vitality of the previous generation brand, but also symbolizing the future development of Taiwan Tourism. In the past, people searched for “travel destinations”; now, Taiwan advocates “purposeful travel.” The new brand, along with the “Taiwan Tourism Biennial,” highlights seasonal theme travel, inviting international visitors to experience Taiwan’s charms all year-round.

Quoted from the official release: New TAIWAN Tourism Brand Communicate Globally:TAIWAN – Waves of Wonder > Tourism Administration, Republic of China (Taiwan)

You can see the full image reel here:

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If I’m going to apply for a passport I’d better do it soon then😕


I looking at Adelaide for the Christmas break as a holiday destination.

Looking to be there from roughly Dec 27 to Jan 2/3.

Thinking a few nights in the city then up to Barossa and then last few nights in the city. Is that something that is recommended?

Any thoughts and ideas about activities/ places to see and eat etc would be much appreciated.

Or even the idea itself? Is there enough to do in Adelaide for a Christmas break?

I got my passport just before Covid kicked off at the time the plan was to use it to go overseas but that stopped pretty quickly. It was still a good decision though considering what I paid back then compared to what it is now plus it has still been pretty useful.

Adelaide Oval Roof Climb
Adelaide Zoo (or maybe the Monarto Zoo)
Hahndorf for its Germanic feel
I liked Victor Harbour too.

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Either Barossa or McLaren Vale. Both really nice. Do a slow crawl through the wineries. Monarto Zoo definitely better than Adelaide Zoo. All depends on how much or how little you want to do. Could always go down to Port Elliot and down the Fleurieu.

heading down to Sydney in august on the XPT. been a bucket list thing and i want to do it whilst sleepers are still available as there are no sleepers on the replacement

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I would like to do a day trip in the opposite direction (Newcastle to Brisbane), but a nuisance that you have to change at Casino and get the bus the rest of the way. And that’s a 13 hour trip all up, you can do that in a car in almost half the time.