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Agree, some really strange choices on the attractions to visit. Apart from the infomercial aspect, they weren’t entertaining to watch. Even the Texan episodes had a couple of uninteresting segments though the motor home was a good concept.

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Season 5 will air on TVNZ2 on Monday, March 6 at 7.30pm. Interestingly, it will be shown from Monday to Wednesday, rather than weekly.

New season promo featuring
Great Britain
South Africa


Is it just one of the country sisters with a male now?

I believe Mel might have been pregnant while filming was occurring. Could have been Stack’s partner went with her this season.

Mel had a baby in March 2022. She probably didn’t want to be away while the baby is so young.

Season 6 premieres Wednesday, April 19 at 7.30pm.

Buckle up for more holiday hilarity when travel guides returns for a world tour

Calling all international tourists: it’s time to book your boarding pass for the new season of the TV Week Logie Award-winning Travel Guides, which returns with more spectacular destinations and outrageous laughs on Wednesday, April 19, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.


Featuring more epic overseas adventures, the all-new season of Travel Guides sees the return of our favourite travel critics: the budget-hunting Fren family from Newcastle, fun-loving Matt and Brett, jetsetters Kevin and Janetta, and best mates Kev, Dorian and Teng. While cowgirl Mel takes time off to be with her baby, twin sister Stack is joined by their younger brother, Josh.

Josh has never been overseas before, and he has packed an extra pair of jocks along with his passport. Like his sisters, Josh is a true-blue country boy who will no doubt struggle with the lingo, the customs and the crowds in foreign lands. But lucky for him, he is just as game as the girls and will give anything a crack.

In this side-splitting new season our Guides are off to some of the world’s biggest bucket-list destinations as they hit unsuspecting Europe, the UK, South Africa, Asia and beyond.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a beach bum, escape with our Guides to extraordinary locations as they island-hop along the Croatian coast, ride camels through the Moroccan desert, hang with orangutans in Borneo, and even visit Santa in the Arctic Circle.

Each episode will see our excitable Travel Guides pack their bags and set off on a journey full of new experiences and adventures. They share their unfiltered and brutally honest opinions as they encounter the same week-long holiday, which includes crazy activities, different foods, must-see tourist spots, and all sorts of local culture.

When one person’s idea of heavenly bliss is another’s idea of travelling hell, opinions will differ wildly, often leading to outrageous reviews as our fearless Guides let rip, tell it how they see it, and rate each holiday out of five stars

Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.

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It’s a brother.

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Morocco will be the destination for the new season premiere, according to the watermark shown during Lego Masters tonight.

This might also have been a clue

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I thought Morocco was an interesting choice for their first destination. It is very reminiscent of The Amazing Race last year that also visited Marrakesh with several locations seen in both shows. The tourist agency must be trying to drum up business.

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We are searching for new groups of holidaymakers to become travel critics.

You must have a current passport and be able to travel between July and December 2023.

Applicants must be Australian citizens or have been a permanent resident for at least two years.

Applicants must not be or have been in the past two years an employee of Nine or its affiliates, or be associated with any news or media outlet, including any web-based media outlet in Australia or elsewhere.

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It’s about time. I like the show but I am getting tired of the existing cast. I don’t dislike any of them but they do need to freshen it up with some more new faces. Stack and Mel should have been replaced by a complete new pairing this season, rather than just throwing the brother in. I’m also a bit bored of the “Target” boys.


Wednesday 10 May 7:30 PM

Our Travel Guides are ditching the rat race and hitting up the most chilled-out spot in the South Pacific - Vanuatu - for a tropical island adventure.

They land on Efate, Vanuatu’s most populated island, and travel by boat to get to their accommodation at Erakor Island Resort.

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A more affordable trip tonight

Compared to some this season

Next week in back to Australia and a road trip through the NSW Riverina and Victorian high country.

Victoria Fren married her boyfriend Nathan in early May. They featured on A Current Affair last night before Travel Guides. There is also an article in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day.


Wednesday 7 June

Our Travel Guides are about to embark on a frosty Finnish adventure - get ready for a winter wonderland like no other! From the quirky cities to the rugged north, it’s going to be one heck of an Arctic ride.

First stop: the funky capital city Helsinki. Our Guides aren’t taking a boring old walking tour! They’re hopping onto hobby horses for a wacky ride around the Senate Square, taking in all the famous sites and neoclassical architecture.

Next stop: Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. They’re staying at the Apukka Resort where you can order a sauna and have it delivered to your room on sleds!

Next up is the Santa Claus village where it’s Christmas every day! They cross the magical Arctic Circle border, feed Santa’s reindeer, and pick up some ridiculous souvenirs along the way.

A new day, a new arctic adventure, as they head to the frozen lake for a spot of ice fishing.

The following week is Melbourne.