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Possibly one of the show’s best ever episodes.


According to an article in this week’s issue of TV Week, Melbourne will be season 6 finale.

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Strange that Nine are “encoring” a different ep of Travel Guides this afternoon (Sunshine Coast) than was shown last night (Finland).

Stack and Mel have announced their departure from Travel Guides


‘The time has come’: Travel Guides’ Stack and Mel announce their shock departure from the show


Travel Guides has changed our lives.

Since we’ve started on the program back in 2016 , we were young whipper snappers 26 years old no care in the world and living each day as it comes !

since then we’ve both learned heaps. Been around the world 5 times made over 50 eps of travel guides and now have a Logie under our belt - who woulda thought? Not bad for a couple of o’l cowgirls, right?

But while Travel Guides have changed our lives, our lives have changed in other ways.

Now been a bit longer in the tooth and a bit wiser We’ve brought our selves a small peace of Paradise in far North Queensland Chaters towers in now home.

Both busy Mums to our wonderful kids Royce Wyatt and Savannah.

The time unfortunately has come for us to put away our passports hang our hats up stay home make some money pay our mortgage build some sheds do some fencing pray some weeds ride our pony’s play farmers really but most importantly be around for our kiddos

However this is not the the end for us. You’ll never know where we will pop up next. :wink:
We are very competitive rodeo athletes so we might just turn up in a rodeo in your town !
We are still doing Guest appearances musics festivals, Bns, races and anything in between if you would like us at your event feel free to get in contact with us we would love to here from you !

But we want to thank everyone who’s helped to make this show what it is, especially our fans Thank you.

Also a HUGE shout out to our incredible Sponers who have supported us from day one helping us look sharp on the telly and inside the arena !

Just remember guys all :arrow_up: are Australian own business Aussies helping aussies we can’t thank you enough !!

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I had a feeling that there was going to be at least one departure as they have had applications open to apply for the show.

I’ve said previously that I think the show needs some fresh new faces, so I’m good with them going.


From 2024 Upfronts

New couple - Karly and Bri

Hot on the heels of its second consecutive Logie win, Travel Guides is back in 2024, giving viewers the perfect way to see the world from the comfort of their living rooms.

Featuring both extraordinary overseas adventures and domestic delights, the seventh season of Travel Guides will see most our favourite travel critics return, including Newcastle’s budget-hunting Fren family, happy-go-lucky couple Matt and Brett, retired jetsetters Kevin and Janetta, and best mates Kev, Dorian and Teng.

Joining them on the road for the first time will be Karly and Bri, two besties who met while filming Beauty and the Geek for Channel 9 a couple of years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Like many Aussies, Karly and Bri have never travelled further afield than Bali.

They will be bringing high energy, total glam and wide-eyed wonder as they explore every corner of the world with the rest of the gang.

Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.

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Finishing off the season; should help Nine’s share.


Strange time of the year to re-launch it. I assume it’s just 2-3 episodes of the upcoming season that they are playing now or episodes that weren’t aired for some reason?

These are episodes that are part of this year’s season but haven’t been shown yet.

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It’s a shame that a decent show that does well for the network is essentially treated as fill-in fodder.




The biggest Tuesday nights of the year are being unleashed with brand-new bumper episodes of the TV Week Logie Award-winning Travel Guides, from Tuesday, November 21, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

From the wilds of Africa to the cultured streets of Great Britain, our favourite Guides, the budget-hunting Fren family, fun-loving Matt and Brett, jetsetters Kevin and Janetta, best mates Kev, Dorian and Teng, and cowgirl Stack and younger brother Josh, are back with two new, side-splitting overseas adventures – plus a look back at their best trips ever

Join our outspoken travellers as they head off the beaten track for a super-sized, self-drive safari through spectacular South Africa, delivering breathtaking views and adrenaline-pumping adventure. Deep in the pristine African wilderness, our Guides get up close and personal with the majestic endangered white rhino in one of the largest conservation parks, before a flying visit to Zambia’s magnificent Victoria Falls where they’re faced with a death-defying experience.

The epic adventures continue when our Guides fly to the United Kingdom for an unforgettable sightseeing tour that takes in buzzing London, the not-so-relaxing English countryside, the incredible ancient peaks and valleys of Scotland, and the medieval culture of Edinburgh.

Then it’s time to take a look at some of the best trips ever, as our groups of intrepid Travel Guides walk down memory lane for a nostalgic journey and reflect on all the amazing holidays and heart-racing adventures they’ve enjoyed over the past seven years.

From cultures that knocked their socks off to unglamorous and uber-luxurious accommodation, places that made them lose their inhibitions and adventures they’ll never forget, our Guides will reveal which trips scored the ultimate five stars out of five and are their favourite of all time.

Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.




Travel Guides Special Event - South Africa


Tuesday 21 November 7.30pm

Our Travel Guides are heading off on the beaten track for a super-sized, self-drive safari through South Africa before making a flying visit to Zambia’s Victoria Falls. Picking up their wheels in Johannesburg, this week-long road trip explores one of the world’s greatest drives - The Panorama Route. A fitting name for a spectacular drive which meanders north towards the Kruger National Park delivering breathtaking views of the planet’s third largest canyon along the way.

Stopping by The Cradle Of Humankind our guides visit the ultimate ‘dawn of man’ cave, home to the biggest collection of ancient human remains, where they come face-to-face with some very hairy, far-flung relatives. If any further evidence of ancestral links to the apes is needed, then a visit to the Graskop Gorge will reduce the most civilised visitor to primal screams with a go on the Big Swing. Reaching 180 kilometres an hour in just 3 seconds the terrified victim plummets 68 metres off a cliff; backwards!

Next, the Panorama Route offers up another equally beautiful but adrenaline pumping stop at the Sabie River where the guides get to lay low like a lizard and give ‘geckoing’ a crack. Geckoing, or lying down on a one person blow-up tube, gives any adventurous spirit a new appreciation of the river’s 200km of rapids from a very different angle.

Further north on the way to Hoedspruit, the sound of drums leads to the Nyani Cultural Village for a taste of traditional tribal life. If eating grubs or stick fighting a local warrior is a step too far perhaps a boogie with some bongos will get you going. After shaking their tail feathers our Guides arrive at a 5 star lodge to nest down for a few nights in the Kapama Game Reserve. As one of South Africa’s largest and most diverse wildlife sanctuaries, Kapama is pivotal in the conservation of many threatened species including the critically endangered white rhino.

For the ultimate conservation tourism experience, lucky visitors to Kapama get hands-on in helping a specialist team of anti-poaching rangers protect the resident white rhino through ear notching. This intimate work is a privilege that affects our Guides deeply and highlights the importance of the ongoing conservation effort.

Time to unwind with a few of Kapama’s luxury spa treatments including a dip in a boiling bath of algae and getting beaten into bliss with wooden sticks. Then there are sunset cocktails served with a Braai for dinner - a South African version of a BBQ …just a little bit more wild!

A new day brings a new safari, but one with a difference - a walking safari. That’s right, our Guides trek the wilds of South Africa on foot.

Next, the adventure takes off on a two hour flight north to Zambia where the Guides find themselves on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River staying at the uber plush Royal Livingstone Hotel where zebras and giraffes freely roam the gardens and escort guests to their rooms.

Just downstream, the thundering noise of the Victoria Falls calls those wanting to experience a natural world wonder like no other. Known as The Smoke That Thunders, 200 Olympic swimming pools of water spill over its falls every minute. Our guides wanting a more death defying experience that just the viewing platform try a dip in the Devil’s Pool perched on the very edge of the top of the falls.

With their ‘off-the-beaten-track’ trip coming to an end, our Guides squeeze in one final safari; this time on water with a cruise on the Zambezi where they encounter hungry hippos and even hungrier crocs. What will they score their South Africa and Victoria Falls trip out of 5 stars?

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Travel Guides Special Event - Great Britain


Tuesday 28 November 7.30pm

Our Guides are on a tour of Great Britain taking in buzzing London, the English countryside and the wilds of Scotland and Edinburgh. Hopping on a red double decker bus for a bite-sized tour of London is everyone’s cup of tea when they’re served traditional afternoon tea while taking in the sights. Iconic London landmarks evoke the feeling of travelling through a real life Monopoly board. Our guides are lucky enough to land on Leicester Square, checking into the 5 star Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire Hotel in the middle of the theatre district.

For a truly unique experience of London and its traffic, our Guides put the pedal to the metal and try their luck at riding penny farthings (which have no brakes or gears) and wobbling their way on tandems through some of the city’s busiest streets. And as if their antics have not annoyed London drivers enough then stopping for a Beatles inspired photo at the infamous zebra crossing at Abbey Road surely will!

To really cop an eyeful of London in all its majesty then there is no better vantage point than the London Eye topped off with a glass of bubbly. For those more accustomed to cracking open a tinny, a trip down the Thames in a hot tub boat is just the ticket.

After scoffing down a traditional English breakfast, the Guides take a short day trip to county Kent. But if they think they’re getting a gentle ramble through the countryside, they’re in for a rude shock, training with ex-army service folk at the Boonies Army Assault Course.

Back in London, the Guides head off on foot for a spellbinding experience - The Harry Potter Walking Tour for Muggles which takes wanna-be wizards on a whistlestop wander around the London locations of the famous film franchise. But not all is as it seems with a lack of special effects. Time for a pint at the pub where some are horrified to be served warm ale. But a good old fashioned sing along soon has spirits high.

At the crack of dawn our Guides head west for a quick trip to the medieval city of Oxford; home to one of the world’s oldest and most famous universities of the same name. While most Aussies love the occasional punt, so do the folks in Oxford but this is in the style of boating down the river Cherwell with a skinny punt and a long stick. When the Guides get involved it’s a hazardous course. Just as things are getting really out of hand, our guides take control of hovercrafts for a very windy spin around the Oxford countryside.

Time to say goodbye to England and travel 5 hrs north on a fast train to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. Staying at the Dalmahoy Country Club has our Guides feeling like royalty.

In the thousand acres of perfect parkland, they meet some local birds for a flapping good time of falconry.

Highland Games are a 1000 year old tradition designed to prove who is the strongest competitor with challenges such as tossing the caber (a 6 metre, 80 kilo log) as far as you can. Local mountain-man Wee Pete soon crushes his opponents with his Herculean man brute. Perhaps our Guides will be more skilled at mastering, or perhaps massacring, Scotland’s most famous dance - the Highland Fling. We quickly learn what Scotts do wear under the kilts.

As their time in Great Britain draws to a close, some of the Guides take in their final delights of Edinburgh - vintage shopping, a wee dram of whisky, and a heartstopping bite of a deep fried Mars Bar, while others finish their holiday on a high by scaling Edinburgh’s long extinct volcano, Arthur’s seat. So, what will our Guides rate their really Great Britain trip out of five stars?


Promo for new season aired tonight.

Update: video


Sunday 19 May 7:00pm

India & Nepal

New guides Karly and Bri join the gang in Northern India and Nepal, where they’ll stay at an Ashram, frock-up at an Indian wedding in Delhi, marvel at the Taj Mahal, before dropping into Kathmandu where they’ll hopefully see Mount Everest.




Look out world, Australia’s most outrageous adventurers are back with a brand-new, jaw-dropping season of the TV Week Logie Award-winning Travel Guides, premiering Sunday, May 19, at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

From the star-studded streets of Hollywood in the City of Angels to the Olympic city of Paris and the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu in Peru, Travel Guides returns in a seventh season of bucket-list proportions.

Ready to roam across 10 breathtaking new locations around the world are our favourite travel critics: the Fren family, Matt and Brett, Kevin and Janetta, and Kev, Dorian and Teng.

Joining them on the road for the first time are Karly and Bri, two besties who met while filming Beauty and the Geek for Channel 9 a couple of years ago and have been inseparable since. Like many Aussies, Karly and Bri have barely travelled further afield than Bali. They will be bringing high energy, total glam and wide-eyed wonder as they explore the wide world with the rest of the gang.

“Getting the phone call to be on Travel Guides was a surreal moment for us as we’re such big fans of the show. We haven’t done much travelling around the world, so to be able to see the world in all its glory is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And to do it with my best friend is amazing,” Karly said.

Bri added: “I reckon we’re going to bring some sugar and spice and a barrel of laughs. I’d describe us as chaotic travellers. And when we open our mouths we’re never really sure what’s going to come out. But we can promise young, wild-woman energy.”

Coming from different walks of life, our Guides never fail to prove that one person’s idea of holiday heaven is another’s version of holiday hell.

From checking out the local customs and cuisine to all types of different accommodation and adrenaline-filled activities, each episode will see our Guides giving their brutally honest and hilarious take on some of the most epic adventures on the planet.

And although opinions often differ widely, this season, for the first time, our Guides will all agree on the perfect holiday.

Will it be LA, the Cook Islands, France, India, or will the picturesque waters of Port Stephens and Newcastle, home to the Frens and Matt and Brett, be awarded five stars out of five across the board?

In the season premiere, Travel Guides goes on a spiritual journey through northern India and Nepal. From the holy waters of the Ganges and the wondrous Taj Mahal to crazy Kathmandu, our Guides seek Zen as they test their spirits on a 10-day transcendental trip like no other.

Strap in for the biggest, baddest, most bonkers Travel Guides yet.

Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise Scott, Travel Guides is produced by Nine.


“Over the Next 2 Sundays” - 2 blockbuster Sundays in the US - Miami, LA and Las Vegas.

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