Tongue-in-cheek mocks


Here is a comedy idea Ten could try - The Ratings Game, a sitcom where the executives at a failing network try their best to improve their performance and not lose their jobs… Oh sorry thats the reality at Ten… Perhaps a fly-n-the-wall series at Ten based on that they are trying to improve their performance… Maybe its more Undercover Boss material… Anyhow… here’s my graphic for The Ratings Game

Random Mocks

Random Mocks

That backdrop looks great!


Firstly, it’s great to see Media Spy is now in the business of producing news bulletins - hopefully a national expansion can happen soon!

In all seriousness though, that globe backdrop is far better than the one Seven uses


Would be good if they wanted to contest a new Geelong licence area :stuck_out_tongue:


Only Regional Victoria Atm


I personally think it looks much better with the globe backdrop


This is Media Spy Network News with Dougal Beatty


It’s the Nine News Now Intro Globe


I think this Bulletin looks more professional


It’s missing a “First on Media Spy Network News” in the top corner. :joy:


Already looks slightly better than the Geelong Community News branding


Not with @HarbourSideTv ?


Quite fine with my current freelance work, But am open to new projects.


Background image from Mr. Cazzah


This is Media Spy Network News with Jonathan Uptin




If you join the Discord you come across this stuff




wait when did you replace every anchor in the country?


Well in the caps posted above… Georgina was on holiday leave & Amelia was absent on that Tuesday.

Since then… Georgina has returned from leave & Amelia is now Euro Corrospondent.

Case closed