Tokyo 2020 Olympics

This thread is for discussion of the games themselves, not coverage

Looks like we’ve opened our Olympics campaign with an early COVID withdrawal


First of many, one suspects.

no doubt - will be interesting to see how many happen during the games, rather then before

It’s understood Cambage was involved in a physical altercation during a private scrimmage against Nigeria, which resulted in heated verbal abuse.

Origin week does weird things to people…

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Liz Cambage has pulled out of the Olympics.


Guo said in a recent Weibo post that she was looking forward to “appreciating the charm of this sport from another angle – as a member of the diving technical committee”. Not all committee members judge performances but Guo will be one of those that does.


This is going to be a disaster next week. Not sure they will be able to control it. There’s going to be cases left, right and center.

Reason should probably have posted more information. It’s not an athlete nor anyone from a national organising committee.


Looking good so far …

An official with the team returned an inconclusive Covid test as they were seeking to join the team camp after flying up from Melbourne.

Dr Hughes said that out of an abundance of caution, everyone in the track and field camp was immediately placed into isolation in their rooms, and not just those athletes that the official had interacted with.

This isn’t good at all

Definetly not good. Hopefully it can be rectified soon but very doubtful .

It was confirmed overnight that the three people who tested positive are members of South African football team: two players and a video analyst. The rest of the squad members and officials were also quarantined. South Africa is scheduled to play Japan this Thursday.

A member of US Olympic team has tested positive for COVID in Japan. She is a gymnast but yet to be named.

UPDATE: she has been named as Kara Eaker.

We’re so close to the start of the Olympics now, it will be such a shame if it’s cancelled.

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Herald Sun reports that Jamie Kermond has been dumped by Equestrian Australia (and as a result will not take part in the Olympics), after testing positive for cocaine.

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