Oh cut the bullshit New idea. Just for clicks, seriously!

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Didn’t we ban those articles being posted here?

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Ffs. Another load of shit article.

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Funny how some go on about not posting these type of articles yet it’s received 26 clicks (not having a go at anyone personally)…

If this show makes a single additional line up change id rather they sack every single person and start the show from scratch. If either hosts is being considered for a recast it ought to be Karl and not Ally. He’s been there forever at this point.


Why would Nine want instability? Like almost all New Idea “reports”, I wouldn’t think anything factual of it.

(not a go at you, just the article, by the way.)


A very emotional Karl Stefanovic this morning.
Such an emotional and powerful story on the Today Show this morning.


Today tied for first in the breakfast ratings yesterday (after rounding). Today won along the east coast with big enough wins to overcome losing in Adelaide and Perth.

It was Today’s fifth highest audience of the year.



I think last time Today won outright was back in October 2018, during Harry and Meghan’s royal tour? I remember it caused a bit of a stir because I think Sunrise was coded 7-10am (an extended show), whilst Today was coded as normal 7-9am, and either or both shows were live into Queensland (daylight savings had already kicked off).
I know it was only a tie and still not an outright win, but well done to Today!


Hopefully a trend that continues, because Sunrise and now News Breakfast with LNP sympathiser Lisa Miller really have become quite partisan and unwatchable.

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How is she an LNP sympathiser?

Her father was a Nationals MP for one.

That point aside, her interviews have really been drumming home the Coalition narrative, and quite hostile toward those who question it.

If I remember correctly Karl Stefanovic seems to have a right wing skew as well when he presents Today. Granted he’s been a bit more balanced these days and he was nowhere near as bad as Sam A on Sunrise but still just something I observed over time.


Read Twitter. They are vicious in that domain towards Lisa.

What a turn around for Today! Yesterday also featured the powerful piece on childhood depression and covid. Hopefully Today keeps this up.


Very well done and an extraordinary turnaround. It’s a much better show to be winning compared to Today in 2019.


For the record, Sunrise is listed above Today in yesterday’s ranking because it had more viewers before rounding.

How many more viewers? 22!


Those 22 extra viewers were probably the tv screen’s across the Seven Network’s Martin Place studios lol

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