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A good news post to start off this new topic.

Today was the number one breakfast show along the east coast on Wednesday, winning all 3 markets.

Today beat Sunrise by 3,000 in Sydney and 10,000 in Brisbane.

Melbourne was very close with all three breakfast shows recording the same audience after rounding. But Today was 500 in front of News Breakfast and 800 in front of Sunrise in the raw numbers.

Sunrise, however still won the 5-city audience as Today slipped to third place in Adelaide and Perth.


The beast is growing.

Those are mighty impressive numbers considering where they were 6 months ago.


Very similar to recent primetime ratings where Nine wins the East Coast and Seven wins Adelaide and Perth.

Still, congrats to the team.

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On Thursday Today again was the number one breakfast show on the east coast thanks to +10k wins in Melbourne and Brisbane. However, Sunrise won in Sydney, Today finished 3rd in Adelaide. In Perth Today just managed 2nd place but was 40k behind Sunrise.

In the 5 cities Sunrise had its highest audience of the week 40k in front of Today (note Perth lead mentioned above) which was 20k ahead of News Breakfast.


Started on Wednesday, their Twitter videos has endtags of Karl & Ally.

  • ~30k difference last week in total people.
  • Won the demos.
  • Won Melbourne and Brisbane.

Remarkable how quickly things change in a year.


It’s clickbait because it’s selective with the facts.

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In what way? I’ve outlined total people and then broken down the East Coast and demos. It’s pretty detailed I would have thought?

if you don’t think the wins listed in this article are worthy of reporting, then I can’t really help you.


Cue Michael Pell ranting.


Sunrise won the week just 30,000 ahead of Today. It was Sunrise’s lowest audience since October 2018.

It wasn’t Today’s highest audience of the year as the early stages of the pandemic delivered higher numbers. However the margin between the two shows was the closest so far this year. Of the 5 days, four were in the top 5 closest margins for the year.

Compared to Week 36 of 2019 Sunrise was down 30k and Today was up 30k.

News Breakfast was 30,000 behind Today and down 15k from the previous week.


The fact is your headline is false and misleading. “Today beats Sunrise” leads the reader to think Today is #1 which is false. This is why it’s being labelled as clickbait.

You’ve included a matey chat with Darren. Was Seven approached for comment?

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How about people read stories without basing facts on headlines. That would be nice.

Also, the headline IS correct in the context of the story which is a focus on the east coast - an important metric.

And of course seven was approached for comment. They have only just come back to me and I will include their information in an update I am about to do.

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East Coast should be in the headline.

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I always forget MediaSpy members are the final authority on right and wrong. I always forget to check with you guys, bugger.


EP Steven Burling tweeted this;
some acknowledgement there, @blackbox

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That’s not correct. Your flattery is misguided.

How about writing headlines that aren’t clickbait?

You just need an asterisk.*

*conditions apply :wink:


But I want people to click on and read my articles… and are you saying the story doesn’t stack up? I think there’s a lot of important info in that story and lays everything out.

But sure, you base everything on the headline… which is absolutely designed to get people to click on the story. If you’re accusing me of that, no dramas - happy to wear it.

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