Article seemed OK to me but it was a surprise to read that no-one is giving interviews ahead of the re-launch. The media are clearly hungry for new info on the show and a few interviews perhaps exclusive could easily feed their apatite and provide some positive media.


I feel sorry for Deb. Second fiddle for so long then finally gets the gig and again she got it because a man said no.


Why feel sorry, she should be congratulated instead. A win is a win, a gig is a gig. No one will remember who turns it down a few weeks from now. It’s the same thing with film projects. The actors who ended up in the film are not always the first choice and sometimes the films are better for it.


Serious question, what does Nine see in Brenton that made them so desperately want him to succeed Karl?


Peter Ford tweeted that news about Ragless on the weekend. following up a few days late.


He’s got the good family husband, ideal dad, middle class all around bloke image on him, which Karl was before he imploded, I think. His image would suit well with the targeted nuclear family that Today show is marketing to, the grocery buyers demo.


Same here, i’d expect if Brenton had accepted i would’ve been Georgie and Brenton hosting with Deb as news presenter.


Hopefully he has a farewell on Fridays show.


Lol the shortest serving team member of the lot gets the farewell. Righto.


Didn’t realise he had been on the show for 5 years…


Just over 4 actually. Started late 2014.


Longest or shortest who cares… At least he has an opportunity for a on-air farewell. Karl and Sylvia were on leave when their departures were announced.
Only 5 years with the show for Tim but l thought he was certainly a good sports presenter and replacing him with Tony Jones well that’s a mistake in my opinion.
Over past three weeks he has been a great summer host.
Wishing him all the best for the future.


He doesn’t have the correct handle written on his post. He misspelled “show”.


Oh really the big issues :roll_eyes:


The Daily Mail will report that as deliberate and an intentional snub, no doubt.


Yep. :blush:


He was actually a sports contributor for Today during the early 2000s (a role that Tony seems to be taking in 2019).

I cannot see anything more than a brief goodbye from Lara on Friday. Certainly am not expecting a full cake and flowers when the other 4 were dumped while off-air.

Yeah, I didn’t mind him either.


I can’t see TJ doing both gigs for long. I give it 12 months if it is 5 days a week. Plus he’ll have the Sunday Footy Show


Sure sounds like 5 days a week though, doesn’t it?


Remember Tim contributing to the show back when Steve Liebmann and Tracy Grimshaw were hosting (around 2004).