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The last time I started a Mock for Today, I decided to have a look that tied into 9 news. But having Thought about it, I don’t think this is the best fit. So This is a Fresh Start for Today.

The Opener would start with a big today logo, which shrinks and the headlines slide in. After the headlines, images from the show would scroll through as the voiceover starts “From 9 News, with Karl Stefanovic & Georgie Gardner, this is today”

One thing I have noticed in the UK and that we don’t do here is a menu of what time things are on. Studio 10 has on their flipper what time everything is on and I think this is a good idea. In Today Terms, it would be whats on this hour. So every hour would begin with a bit of chat between the hosts and then one of them would throw to This hour on Today, Like below:

This hour on Today, We’ll have the latest on the NSW Train Strike and. talk to our reporter live at 6.10."

At 6.20, PM Malcolm Turnbull joins us for a chat ahead of Parliament resuming this week. He’ll outline the government’s priorities for the year ahead.

Changing The Date of Australia Day is Making News again today. We’ll discuss that and other Trending topics at 6.40

And at 6.50, Richard is here with his first hit of Entertainment, including a massive Today announcement.

So, The Latest on the NSW Train Strike chaos in 10 Minutes. PM Malcolm Turnbull joins us at 6.20. Changing The Date of Australia Day Is ahead at 6.40 and Richard Wilkins joins us at 6.50. But Now lets begin how we begin every half hour, the latest headlines with Sylvia…


More to Come

Full Screens

This is just the start. I am working on more and they will be up in the next few days, but interested to hear people’s thoughts.


Added Menu Concept

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ido hope today sees this and uses it:) its an exellent mock:smiley:

I think Today used to do a similar concept, I sort of remember a clock appearing on screen and one of the hosts saying: coming up this hour (or something to that extent).


yeah it was 2009-ish. It was a really useful segment, I knew when I could do other things if I were only interested in one or two topics that edition


The Menu thing is done on Breakfast on TVNZ 1 in NZ as well.

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