Tipping Point

Good to see 9 are up to date. :grimacing: Christmas special from 2018! :laughing:


Haha. She’s good.
I’ve never watched the quiz part to see how easy the questions and how dumb the contestants are. :rofl:
I’ve only seen the incredibly frustrating part with the circles falling down the machine.

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I watch the Australian version every morning on catchup and I find it unfair that the contestants who don’t make it through to the jackpot round lose the money they earnt. They should be able to walk away with what they earnt. It’s also pretty stupid that Todd plays jackpot temptation when the jackpot counter is on the top shelf.

Award for “best use of a thesaurus in a single promo” goes to


I wonder if Nine might consider testing a primetime slot for Tipping Point, or even a few celebrity specials (which would be subtitled Lucky Stars, as is the case in the UK), in the second half of this year, but it would need to be after either the Olympics or Paralympics.

So they spoiled the episode for viewers then in the promo, a common trait is seems in Aussie promos that nullifies pretty much every word in that promo by taking away the surprise.

Tipping Point had its highest metro and national audience of the year on Monday including pulling well ahead in Brisbane.


Woodbridge does a good job with this show apart from his annoying habit of asking the winner to give their money away to children, grandchildren and friends. Would love for one of them to come back and ask if he did the same his prizemoney on the circuit. (Spoiler: he didn’t or maybe he did and that is why he ended up on a network game show.)

Tipping Point recorded its highest national TV audience of the year so far on Wednesday. The result was a 55% increase in the timeslot compared to the equivalent day last year.

The impact on the 6pm timeslot continued especially in metro area where Nine News won again for an unprecedented 3rd time this week including another massive Melbourne audience.


Tipping Point did it again with a record Thursday audience yesterday up 54% on the ratings in the timeslot of equivalent Thursday last year. Nine News that followed was up 42%.