Tipping Point

Crazy how close these numbers are. If Nine did decide to move TP to 5pm I would say it would increase Perth by 5-6k?

Tipping Point now using the same line as The Chase in its promos… “Australia’s 5.00 obsession”.


Man, you can tell Seven and Nine are already going to be at war (not that they haven’t been for nearly 70 years), before the official ratings have even begun! :joy:


Thanks, Captain Obvious.

5-city figures for week 6 in 2023 were

Chase Aus 335,000
Tipping Aus 285,000

Not a direct comparison (Adelaide was at 4pm last year) but still informative.



So they are starting to film new episodes?

Strange - you go to the link and it says no further sessions (finished up Feb 15), wouldn’t have minded attending


Wild prediction from me: Tipping Point will not run longer than Hot Seat did.


Hot Seat had the random “Celebrity Edition” for charity. I wonder if Tipping Point will do so too?

Will we see The Block stsrs battle it out with each other? The sports stars edition? The Olympics Edition? Etc. I can see all this happening in the second half of the year.


Also imagine a MAFS special too… it has the potential to be quite spiteful!

The UK version subtitle their specials as “Lucky Stars” and the rules are slightly different compared to the normal version:

  • all counters are worth double, and there is no double counter (meaning a maximum jackpot of £20,000)
  • mystery prizes award “joke” prizes such as Tipping Point merchandise
  • anyone eliminated before the final round still take home the money they earned for their charity
  • if the final contestant takes the trade but fails, he or she still wins £1,000 for their charity.

80,000k jackpot on tonight! Promo just aired


No mention of $80k in the episode.

Hasn’t it literally just started?


Must be a far flung Temptation offer then, which must mean the contestant isn’t going to get the Jackpot counter close to the edge after their 5 questions.

Was a stupid temptation offer of 3 counters for $40K (doubled to 80K with 2x counters next to jackpot, and jackpot counter still on top shelf! What a clickbait ad!


Yep, agree. That offer lasted about 5 seconds, was never gonna happen.

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Tonight’s offer of 5 counters was never going to happen. He had not decided on the offer before the news headlines at 5.57 and so it was clear he was going to take the money. There would not have been enough time to drop 5 counters.

Basically dead air for the last 3 to 4 minutes for the contestant to enevitably take the money just before the show ended at 6.


From Nine today:

Tipping Point was the No. 1 afternoon game show across Australia and in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It secured a National Total TV Reach of 1.105 million and a Total TV National Audience of 580,000, representing a 35.3% timeslot lift when compared to the corresponding day last year. In Regional Australia, the timeslot lift was 50.3% year-on-year.


Good to see Tipping Point is doing well in the ratings, despite some of the negative commentary/reviews I have seen online.

Always good to test out a new format, as viewers would’ve done when Seven unveiled The Chase Australia in 2015 (which has more questions asked in a single episode than one ep of Hot Seat did, following its reformat in 2017).

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