Ticker News

Only provided photos of himself? Didn’t want to provide any photos of the correspondent or the studio?

I find her presenting style too American. Very jarring next to the unpolished Aussies.

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I hate being one to criticise a small “upstart” but the quality of the output and style of Ticker News feels hobbyist and not very credible. Lacklustre is probably the best way to put it.

But I wish them every success, and hope to be proven wrong one day.


Oh obviously. No ill-wish upon them. But you have to question whether they truly are bothered with how it looks on air?

It’s an advertorial channel. No more credibility than Today Extra or The Morning Show.


I’m just not sure what Ticker’s editorial commitments are and the audience they actually serve. Would love to get some insight into the key audience demo. IMO it’s not even a news service.

The only way it can survive is by being advertorial, I guess. But the things they are plugging and promoting aren’t exactly exciting or even interesting - and they to disguise it as news (and yes, I know most newsrooms do this). Still hasn’t quite found its position in the market yet, but I could be totally wrong.

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I’m sure there’s a business case somewhere for running a news channel like an advertorial. As you say it’s just too niche and doesn’t cover actual news in the same way as every other outlet. It’s a poor mans news channel.


The audio levels on that video are so poor. I would rather a polished, focused service over one that tries to do everything on a small budget.


Can someone please explain what the schedule is for Ticker News?

I think it’s like 30 - or maybe 15 - minutes of a TOTH news bulletin, then 2 or 3 15 minute blocks of sponsored content to fill the rest of the hour


So what time do they normally stop playing live bulletins and switch to replays?


So I’ve been watching Ticker News a bit since it’s being added to Fetch TV, a key complaint I have it, they have no sense of watermark/news ticker safety, it’s getting cropped bad on Fetch, I even have my tv set to never overscan and it’s still cropping.


Based on this I think about 10pm AEST, back in at 6am? Nothing on weekends


the channel has taken a turn for the worst. they don’t cover breaking news anymore. and if you do your digging, all of their staff have been either sacked or they’ve resigned. Obviously everything isn’t as perfect as its portrayed.


It’s an entry level job. You don’t stay more than 12 months. Plus I couldn’t imagine the conditions being that great.

Isn’t that how most people leave a job


Yeah, it doesn’t feel like a very inspiring place to work, especially for new journalists and broadcasters. Not much scope to develop your skills.

I DMed someone who worked there and just left recently. They say the company couldn’t afford its Australian staff so told them to leave. Doesn’t seem like a great place to work.

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Taking a look at the website now it seems more about It’s owner Aaron. Every video and “show” is about him. Looks rather odd.

It has changed direction. They don’t cover domestic news as much. It’s more the top international news of the day. They clearly aren’t geared up to do breaking news and I don’t think they want too. It’s more about a presenter reading out the main headlines and a cross to one of their international reporters.

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