The X Files

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FOX has released a 20 minute preview of the show - hopefully the link works, as I’m running a proxy and can’t determine whether it has Australian playback rights.


Really looking forward to watching this next year. Though I watched the original, I’m currently watching the selected episodes that are airing on ONE right now. Love it!

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Although the last two seasons were a backward step there were some great episodes. Considering they have only invested six episodes in this, I have a feeling it will without a doubt please viewers. That is the thing that really annoys me. Surely they could have pushed it to 12 episodes. Something half decent!

Also, I hope they don’t cut the trademark opening credits from the series as so so so many programs do that these days. Once upon a time it was the unique opening credits that drew people to a show!

I hope they do a good job of the revival because it will be a shame if they produce a dud. Generally I think they should just leave the classics in the past.

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Watched the repeat on One last night. I don’t remember it being as violent as that. :anguished:

It shocks me how American shows can get away with being so violent yet they’re scared of language or portraying sex. Was watching a bit of Arrow at the gym this afternoon. The body count in one episode is horrendous and the characters barely flinch when killing or seeing dead bodies. Something seriously wrong with that.

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Yeah. Hope they concentrate on the unknown and sci-fi aspects in the new series and skip the gratuitous violence.

Which episodes were aired last night?

X-Files schedule announced

Sunday 31 January 8.30pm Episode 1
Monday 1 February 8.30pm Episode 2

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Really good social media presence for the launch- Facebook event and all their pages transformed with new profile pictures and cover photos for the show

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ok then

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TEN Reopens The X-Files

Premieres Sunday 31 January

The most anticipated television revival of 2016 is coming to TEN, when the all new The X-Files premieres on Sunday, 31 January at 8.30pm.

The six-part television event sees legendary FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate a whole new set of paranormal cases – and Australian fans will not have to wait long for their next sci-fi fix. The second episode airs on TEN on Monday, 1 February at 9pm, before the series continues on Sunday nights at 8.30pm.

Sunday 31 January at 8.30pm
Monday 1 February at 9pm
Then continues Sundays at 8.30pm

Have a feeling it will get smashed on Monday by the premieres of MKR and AGT which will undoubtedly run way over.

Bit silly its being shown at 9pm on the Monday. If successful, which is doubtful, it could take some viewers away from the other two premiers if shown at 8:30. I don’t really understand the 1 and a half hours of Celebrity.

Seven and Nine’s reality shows will definitely run for at least 90 minutes and when they finish viewers can switch to Ten, otherwise they are less likely to switch to something that started 30 minutes earlier.

If something is an event and must watch tv I think viewers would more likely switch over at 8:30 rather than switch over at the end of a program on another show. At least they can attempt to take on the big dogs rather than roll over and let them scratch their tummy’s.

I doubt that many people would abandon the first night of the new season of a reality show half way through. But when that show finished they could be looking for something to watch.