The Wrong Girl

News Corp has revealed a stellar cast for the TV adaptation of Zoe Foster Blake’s novel. Apart from Jessica Marais as Lily, it will also star Zoe’s husband Hamish Blake, Craig McLachlan, Kerry Armstrong, Madelaine West and newcomer Hayley Magnus. Lily’s two love interests will be played by Ian Meadows and Rob Collins. Filming starts in Melbourne later this month with the show to air later this year.

###All-Star Cast Announced For The Wrong Girl

Jessica Marais, Craig McLachlan, Kerry Armstrong, Madeleine West, Hamish Blake, Christie Whelan Browne, Ian Meadows, Rob Collins, Hayley Magnus And More

Network Ten is thrilled to announce its stellar cast for the brand new contemporary drama series, The Wrong Girl, which will commence shooting in Melbourne tomorrow.

A sharp, playful, fresh new look at men and women, friendship, work and family, The Wrong Girl is for anyone who’s fallen in love with someone they were never meant to love – and that’s probably all of us.

Great job? Tick. Great best friend? Tick. Great flat-mate? Tick. So what could possibly go wrong?

Based on the best-selling novel by Zoë Foster Blake, The Wrong Girl will feature Jessica Marais – the award-winning star of television hits such as Packed To The Rafters, Love Child and Carlotta – as Lily, the producer of a cooking segment on a morning television show who finds herself torn between two very different men.

Joining Jessica is a star-studded, virtual Hall of Fame cast including Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Packed To The Rafters), Kerry Armstrong (Bed of Roses, Lantana), Madeleine West (Fat Tony & Co., Satisfaction), comedian, author and actor Hamish Blake, and Christie Whelan Browne (Spin Out, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door).

Fast-rising local acting sensation Ian Meadows (The Moodys, 8MMM) will star as Pete Barnett, Lily’s conflicted best friend.

The dynamic Rob Collins, fresh from his star turn as Mufasa in the acclaimed Australian stage production of The Lion King, will portray Jack Winters, the charismatic television chef who might just have the essential ingredients for capturing Lily’s heart.

Stunning newcomer Hayley Magnus (The Dressmaker, Slide) will play Simone, Lily’s always intriguing flat-mate.

The Wrong Girl will screen on TEN in 2016.


Sunday Herald Sun adds Steve Vizard will also have a supporting role.

Strong cast. Looking forward to this. Ten have produced some excellent drama over the years. Hopefully this will be added to its success stories.

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I secretly hope they show some depth to the morning tv producer role, sounds interesting. Good cast members it seems, I hope it’s a success for them.

I hope they give it a good timeslot. Maybe 8.30 Wednesdays after Offspring finishes.

Title image that has started to appear in Ten communications

Some updated titles, which appear to have had the ‘TEN’ treatment in a recent MCN sales video.

does anyone think they have got the wrong girl to play this part? :wink:


No. You’re wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can’t go wrong with Jess Marais.


This looks really vacuous and shallow, basically a new Offspring. Jessica Marais hair twirling, yeah no thanks.

:rolling_eyes: Here we go again. Maybe you could wait and see what the show is actually like before bagging it.


Here we go again. Why do you think promos exist in the first place? To make a first impression and get you interested. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it’s a duck.

I don’t have the time or inclination to watch crap just to make sure I don’t like it. I hate when girls twirl their hair. I can’t believe they even used that pic as a promo. It screams vapid bimbo. I want to watch mature intelligent women in tv dramas.

Jbar if you don’t like my comments, don’t respond. Just ignore me. I don’t ask you to respond to everything I post and your criticisms are coming across like something you just accused me of. You’re all over the place. I also notice you never praise me when I actually like something either like Dr. Blake or Wentworth. You just like to follow me around and nitpick at my taste. Please grow up.

:rolling_eyes: Wow!

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Okay honey.

Yep a silly man needy blonde that is defined by a man and has as much depth as a wading pool. Not to mention she can’t function without a man either. Also don’t forget the soapy love triangles that will inevitably ensue. Yep Offspring. Total cheesefest and ‘chick lit’. You got that darling.

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Can’t disagree with a lot of that ahaha but I think there’s more depth to it than that- especially given the death arc that brought the show into a somewhat more profound place. Like many shows in this genre the writing is substantive and looking beyond its soapy base it offers a lot; it embodies the modern Australian lifestyle and values that I think many identify with, plus its general quirkiness and unique form makes it quite individual. I believe it’s fundamentally in the top-tier of Australian dramas.

We’re all different so I guess our tastes reflect that too.


Sounds interesting,must check it out when it’s on

I actually feel Nina lets down the show. I was incredibly disappointed with the promos that just paraded all of Nina’s conquests one after another like she was the sum of her bed partners. She shouldn’t be defined by someone else, least of all a man. I know she’s supposed to be the heart of the show but her growth is either stagnant, superficial or contrived. I’m sorry but the values of Nina & Billie are foreign to me. As is the ‘messy’ family life. Well I do hope the show develops and the death arc can elevate the show to a plain of maturity and realism and not have lazy writing undo its hard work. It’s quirkiness borderlines on silliness too much for my liking as well. For me Offspring is in the bottom of Australian dramas. Though it certainly is popular and does have a large fanbase.

Hope you enjoy season 6.

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