The Wall

When is this show due to start? Can’t wait to see something decent after the disaster of Seven from around July to now.

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Looks guaranteed Seven will be using this as a spoiler for the premiere of Food Fight on Nine. Monday, October 30 at 7.30pm.


Looks more like a Sunday night show to me and Instant Hotel weekdays.

But Seven are instead running The Wall on Mondays and Tuesdays. No sign of Instant Hotel next week. Looks like they’re giving Family Food Fight a free kick.

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Are you ready for the balls to fall?

World-wide sensation, THE WALL, hosted by AXLE WHITEHEAD

Premieres Monday 30 October 3 7.30pm

Continues Tuesday 31 October 7.30pm on

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Either a ratings bonanza or a ratings disaster in the making.

Let’s hope it’s the former; Seven really need a ratings hit after their disastrous last several months…


Finally something that looks half decent from Seven.

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The US editon of this show often gets me off the couch yelling at the TV :joy: so here’s hoping this does well for Seven.


Im looking forward to this but worry that it won’t do well because seven don’t have an audience at the moment.


That’s why I’ve been thinking they probably should save this for next year because it seems like the show is being ‘rushed’ into the schedule


So the first week, they’re screening it Monday and Tuesday and then the next week it’s Sunday and Monday. The audience needs to keep up with constant timeslot changes it seems. :roll_eyes:


I watched this in the US so I’ll give it a go. It’s a good format. 2 nights a week is not needed though.

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Are the audience Polish?

The host sounds like he’s reading lines from a script. Would prefer to have seen someone with a bit more personality host this. Love Chris Harwick’s cheeky presentation style in the American version.


Axle is shjt.

Chris Hardwixk is much better.

Good show but it’s not needed twice a week and it’s not needed to be longer than 1 hour exactly.

Fuck Australian networks are stupid. They’re only good at ruining shows.


I’m just glad it’s not Darren McMullen.


Sounds like Family Food Fight but win this battle then?

Only if the show doesn’t have any flaws.

This sucks. Way too slow paced and over edited.

The only benefit of this is watching the Goggleboxers review this on Wednesday night.