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Great start to the second half of season 6. Was a bit disappointed with the first half of season 6. But the first episode was amazing and the second episode gave us some colour. Really looking forward to seeing what happens next. Negan and Jesus should be interesting characters.

A little annoyed at the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Obviously don’t want to spoil anything but I will discuss in a very broad context.

In the latest episode I found that the two central characters of the episode acted out of character. I don’t feel like either of them would do what they did. Daryl for example didn’t even really know the person he was upset over. Carol again loves Rick and it didn’t make a lot of sense for her to take the actions she did.

Set up for a big finale…

I might be the only one that watches this but I will continue to talk to myself. Incredible season finale. Saw Rick scared, for perhaps the first time. Very annoyed we don’t get to see the cliff hanger. Obviously those that read the comics might know the fate, if they follow the comics that is.


I’m have been watching too. The season climax didn’t go down too well on social media apparently. It sure wasn’t very enjoyable to watch especially the last 15 minutes, maximum tension right up to the credits with no relief until next season. Watching the companion show that follows shed a bit of light on the thinking of the writers but it didn’t make it any more palatable.

I wasn’t a big fan of the whole season to be honest. Reflecting on this now I feel it was really slow. I actually liked the season finale unlike many others. I think it provided great tension and really emphasised Negan and his personality. Unlike other season, however, we have a massive cliffhanger that will leave us seeing who will die. I was also disappointed (? maybe not the right word) that no major characters died the whole season.

Any ideas on who was bashed? I was thinking it may go the way of the comics but now thinking it could go more the Abraham way as he survived the arrow in the head a few episodes back.

AMC has pushed back the premiere of season 7 to October 23 in the US. Usually each season starts on the second Sunday in October.
Per usual, the 16-episode season will be split into two parts, with the first eight episodes airing in the northern autumn and the second half debuting in February 2017.

I know many dont watch Fear but Ive enjoyed the flashbacks they have added.

I was about to give up on it. Enjoyed the first season but have found the second a chore to watch. The latest ep was a huge improvement so I might stick with it a bit longer.

I was the same. I thought it started to improve to only go backwards. I have enjoyed the first 3 episodes of the second half.

The new preview is incredible.

Watched the final of Fear the Walking Dead. It was a good ending. They have a few tweaks they still need to make but I have enjoyed the second half of the season. Cannot wait for Sunday week.

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The show has been renewed for an eighth season, before the seventh season starts next week.

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Not surprised. It has a lot more stories to show.

Awfully sad episode. Its good that they are keeping to the comics and not taking too different of a path. I wasnt surprised. Probably a bit surprised we saw two main characters pass.

It certainly was brutal. I felt like I was going to throw up at times through that. Still feel nauseous a couple of hours later. Haven’t been through an hour of such sustained tension in a television show for some time.

Did Foxtel run two viewer advisories during the first ten minutes?

That was brutal and very intense. I had resigned myself to losing a main character but the violence portrayed was very unsettling.

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I’m really not comfortable with that level of gratuitous violence. I’m still quite unsettled by it, four hours after having viewed it, and wonder what effect seeing that level of violence has on younger or unstable minds. I think the show risks losing viewers if they continue down this road of escalating brutality. I haven’t had a problem with the mutilation aspect where the zombies have been involved because it is far removed from reality. The detailed brutality of those beating scenes just takes it to a grotesque level that isn’t necessary in telling the story. I’m interested in seeing how the story develops but I doubt I’ll be able to stomach the gore and wonder what it says about me if I choose to sit through it.

I don’t watch horror these days so I’m not sure if what was portrayed is on par with what is shown in modern horror movies. I couldn’t sit through the first “Saw” movie even though I couldn’t get enough of the big horror franchises of the 1980s.

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On the companion show Talking Dead, the producers/writers excused the violence by saying they needed to present something that would ‘break the viewers’ as well as Rick; to make us accept that he had been broken. (My solution was to FF the worst parts of tonight’s show.) The preview and description for ep 2 is that it will be a lot more light-hearted with some humorous content.

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Well it definitely broke me haha. I must watch The Talking Dead.

This week’s is one of the strangest shows you’ll see. It was live from a cemetery in LA where the crowd had just watched the season opener. For the whole show it was raining, for which the production was totally unprepared with the guests sitting on the stage with umbrellas and Chris the host drenched by the end - his microphone shorted out at one point!

By no means am I overly sensitive to the content of TV series these days and I’ve been a fan of TWD for a long time but the Season 7 opener was absolutely horrific. I dealt with Abraham getting bludgeoned I don’t think they pushed the violence too far on screen with his death but the death of Glenn was truly traumatic. Seeing his skull indented and eye ball popped out was too much.

I’m not one of the viewers and commentors you see on other sites where I’ll proclaim to “never watch the show again” because that is ridiculous but I do think the violence went too far.