The Voice


Sunday 1 May

No timeslot announced by Nine

Ronan Keating joins all-star coaching lineup featuring Delta Goodrem, Jessie J and Joel and Benji Madden

The Voice Season V lands on Channel Nine on Sunday, May 1, for another instalment of the blockbuster entertainment series.

Global recording artist Ronan Keating joins Australia’s sweetheart songstress Delta Goodrem, international pop queen Jessie J and American rockers Joel and Benji Madden on the spinning red chairs to discover Australia’s next Voice, with Sonia Kruger returning as host of the series.

Ronan Keating is a multi-platinum-selling artist from Ireland whose rise to fame started in the hot pop band Boyzone. After achieving global success with the group he went on to become a top solo artist, releasing chart-topping albums and touring the world.

“I’m loving being a Coach on The Voice. It’s great to be able to help nurture such amazing new talent and hopefully find a new global Australian star,” Keating said.

This year Australia has again produced mind-blowing vocal talent from all walks of life – an outstanding range of colourful and high-calibre singers bringing their best to the Blind Auditions in search of their dream: to win The Voice, which earned the TV Week Logie Award for Most Outstanding Entertainment Program of 2015.

Delta Goodrem – no stranger to the spinning red chair – is gearing up for another scintillating season.

“I can’t wait for Australia to hear and then see this season of versatile, exciting and intriguing artists. It’s been an incredible start to The Voice in 2016. We have our rockets, we have amazing talent and I can’t wait for the show to launch,” Goodrem said.

The Voice will premiere over three huge nights on Sunday, May 1, Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3.

The Blind Auditions see artists performing in front of a live studio audience, behind the chairs of the Coaches, who will hit their buttons if they like what they hear. Should more than one Coach turn around, it will be up to them to pitch to the artist what they can offer and why that artist should join their team.

The conclusion of the Blind Auditions will see all coaches with a team of 12 artists preparing for the next stage of the competition. Expect a number of exciting twists compared to previous seasons of The Voice, throughout the Battle Rounds and the Super Battle.
The winner of The Voice will receive the grand prize of a recording contract with Universal Music Australia, $100,000 in cash and brand new Mazda3.

The Voice is a co-production between Endemol Shine Australia and Talpa Productions. The Australian series of The Voice is filmed at Fox Studios in Sydney.

Voice at 7.00, 60 Minutes to follow at around 8.45

Nine has revealed sponsors for the new season: Mazda (replacing Ford as car supplier), iSelect, Woolworths, Pandora (replacing Guvera as streaming partner), Nivea, KFC, Sage Institute and Auto Masters.

I watched The Voice (as I think many did) in Season 1 in 2012.

I really enjoyed the new format and got into it.

Since then I haven’t really got into it and it’s just looked tedious, in your face and messy.

I mean I can’t get into shows that only air 3 days week & stuff around with special events, like the Logies.

Seems I am not the only one though? As ratings (especially after Blind Audition weeks) have dropped rapidly each year.

Grand Final seems to also have become a non-event.


And The Voice has not produced one successful artist. It’s crap. And Nine doesn’t know how to promote/cross -promote effectively.

If it was on Seven, I’m sure you’d be saying how great The Voice is! :wink:

But aside from that, I’m personally not a fan of or am interested in talent shows generally so therefore don’t ever really watch them. Judging by the ratings of the last couple of seasons, I think The Voice only has another season (or maybe two) in it at the very most!

T[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:26, topic:518”]
If it was on Seven, I’m sure you’d be saying how great The Voice is! :wink:
Um, no, if it achieved the same success.
That said, if it churned out the household names like the X Factor, then I probably would. :wink::wink:


they actually have… to be an artist you don’t have to have chart-topping success. Many of their alumni are now working in bands, stage productions etc.

He said “successful” not just working. :stuck_out_tongue:

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But that’s what many of them were doing before The Voice anyway.


It is a fault of the Voice brand, not just Australia but worldwide, there has not been one act break out to any form of international success.

I readily admit I much prefer X Factor over The Voice, but I will give it a go this year to see how Ronan is and the dynamic of the coaches.

I don’t know if I am watching the wrong shows but while I see a lot of ads for it, I don’t see any real hype for this season in terms of the general media.

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God this show is so fake!

it’s 55 minutes in, and only 4 singers have sung. Geez, this is dragging on. There is no need to have back stories for every contestant in the audition stages. Just have a back story if they make they finals. And get on with what the show is about - SINGING!


The one thing i cant stand about the voice is the adds after every singer. Its a very dragged out show. I would rather watch on youtube later

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Most of the stuff you mention that the alumni are doing is what most of them were already doing prior to the show. You do realise that a lot of the contestants on the Voice are asked to audition because they already have a foot in the industry…

Compared to X Factor and Australian Idol where there are numerous names you can link to the shows still today as to having major success. This week alone Dami Im from X Factor has her new album #3 on the ARIA charts (not to mention Eurovision). I can’t think of any Voice artists doing much similar success. Karise Eden had some minor success but not on the same level. It seems to be the same thing internationally.


Really enjoying this season so far. They’ve had quite a few moments particularly with the judges. It’s a great panel. Really liking Jessie J more and more.

I also really like the judges. Jessie J was fantastic on the UK version a few years back. I only ever watch the blind auditions, but I am just finding the show drags out far too much.

I knew I recognized Nada-Leigh Nasser. She made the top 13 of TXF back in 2014 after the judges decided to put her into a girl group who later became XOX. Surely Ronan would’ve remembered her.

I don’t think he is allowed to mention the X Factor…he never mentioned it once in any of his pitches

Are Nine serious with nearly 3 hours of The Voice tonight. That is way too long for a non-finale episode. Wouldn’t be suprised if it rates lower tonight.