The Traitors

Interesting as I found him annoying. I wasn’t sure if I would continue with the US version but based on your review, I might give some more episoes a go.

That’s what I was thinking. They should do it for Paramount+ like they did with The Bridge if it’s not on the main channel. The format has potential and if they can iron out some of the flaws in the original (not explaining some things properly, constantly castin new traitors etc) a second season could be really good.

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I would like to see another Australian season too. Agreed that they need to sort out a few issues and perhaps make things less confusing for new viewers. My main gripe was that two ‘late recruit’ traitors had the same benefits as the four original traitors. That really didn’t seem fair seeing that the OGs did most of the work. Perhaps they can be guaranteed half of the prize if any ‘lates’ make the final two, rather than the whole amount?

I think that overcomplicates things though and ultimately as a Faithful the players have the possibility of taking home half the prize pot (if they go down to final two and both a faithful), so a recruited faithful becoming a traitor should have that same opportunity.

I think in the case of the Aussie version the first recruitment made sense, the second was unnecessary. Producers clearly want to go into the final episode with more than one traitor but not sure that is absolutely necessary, but it’s clearly why they have a recruitment with just one or two murders to go just in case the final traitor is eliminated at the penultimate round table. I really think the format is strong enough though that a final with no traitors would be just as interesting to watch for all the false accusations.

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There was a post on Instagram today that casting is open for a second season.


So I’ve persisted with this season (am about 6 episodes in) and I’m glad that I did. You are right - it is really good and the host really has grown on me as it’s gone along. The tasks/challenges/location have been exceptionally great too - the show overall has more of a haunting vibe too. With the casting the reality contestants are actually the entertaining ones, a lot of the newbies have been completely under the radar. Keen to see how it plays out.

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I’ve found with all three versions I’ve watched you have to give it at least two or three episodes to get into it and become invested. Indeed when you look back at all successful franchises they’re pretty much all like that - you have to give them a chance. Sadly as time goes on people expect episode 1 satisfaction, which is rarely achieved - and often producers attempts to do so can be counterproductive.

That said one thing the Traitors has going for it is the reveal of the Traitors in episode 1. I think everyones gut reaction when finding out we’d know them was that it would ruin the game for us but it’s quite the opposite - though I do think they could let us play along a little bit more and not show us who gets picked at the round table so we don’t meet the traitors until they meet each other.

I just hope they don’t look at the US version and decide they need to fill half the cast with reality stars. Hopefully having been burnt badly by The Challenge (yet another predictable flop) they won’t be that stupid.

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The US version has now been recommissioned for a second season and there will also be a reunion show for the first season.

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With 1.2M consolidated viewers over the past two weeks, the opening episode, titled The Game is Afoot, sits atop the BBC Three charts, according to Barb data supplied by Liam Hamilton.