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Perhaps you could try contacting someone at the NZRDXL to tempt them in doing such? They have remote Kiwi SDRs for their members.

Used to be several periodic remote SDR’s appear on the Airspy Server website, but for some reason interest has waned by the hosts & I haven’t seen a remotely accessible for ages.
A lot of the Aus/NZ RDS data was procured from those SDR host sites & from a couple of our helpful Media Spy members etc.

Also as a general note to all & I’m not sure who is responsible, but it is a very regular ‘user’ of the RDS List, but someone regularly inadvertently wipes or corrupts the cell A1 data on our State based worksheets. I have lost count how many times I’ve had to retype the word: ‘MARKET’. Noted in the QLD sheet last night & today on the SA Worksheet. I’ve already had to lock some cells on the spreadsheets due to this, I’d rather not have to keep locking more cells, rows etc of the worksheets.
Can I kindly ask the regular user to please be careful with their usage of the spreadsheet & if you do accidently delete data, retype it or use the undo button to restore the data or let me know exactly when the error was made or check & correct before you leave. Thank you.


Crazy, would never have known otherwise, as I don’t often zoom into that part of the map. Maybe they need to consider some sort of solution when servers appear too close to each other on the map, to make them both visible.

As for the new features, you can add “plugins”. Some are my own, others have been created by some other guys, and they’ve done some great work.


Only discovered this morning, so very new. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, but what one can do for the moment is to just click anywhere within the Australian coastal border & a list of the TEF sites within Australia appears on the right. I think this methodology will probably be the easiest way of independently accessing desired TEF site going forward rather than laboriously zooming in.


This’ll be mine. Going to move the server to a dedicated machine I have here for that sort of stuff. Also going to clean up the audio, as it’s jank city at the moment. :slight_smile:


Mine was the same until I put the screen saver on, no more hum!


Can anyone access Alek’s Perth node? I get a connection OK but no audio.

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Working now but wasn’t earlier.


Added another TEF to the collection, now the webserver can stay on.



Which is your new one?
The blue one or silver one?

What differences have you noticed between the two regarding reception, features, sound etc?
Does the blue one have the switchable LNA amplifier?


Reception is much the same, sound is more tinny on the silver

Yes it does, can help sometimes, sometimes not.


Good to know!
I kind of suspected that might be the case.

Yes, I have heard LNA only really helps with a weak signal, but causes overload on stronger signals. I’ve been tempted to get a blue LNA one (mine is a blue non LNA one).


With LNA on


Interesting video. The co channeling on SW wasn’t resolved, that somewhat undermined the promotional aspect of the video review.

While those radios do have a more professional look, they just can’t compare to the screen of the other TEF radios.


Agree, the colour screen of the TEFs and all of the info you could want takes radio listening to a whole new level, complete with more receivable stations than pretty much any other radio.

Did I just write an ad for them!? :rofl:



It really just comes down to what you want.

The TEF chip is limited to 144Hz-27MHz & 64-108MHz. If you want something outside these bands, and/or SSB, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. Otherwise, you can’t beat it.


I guess if you want a cheaper alternative or want to try out a TEF powered radio before dropping money on the full monty?

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I would prefer to spend the extra money to get the best model. No regrets then.

I have the blue one and very happy with it. But would have bought the LNA one if i had known about it!


v2.1.0 has been released. Many changes.

It’s likely all your settings will be reset to factory default, so keep that in mind.