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Discussion of the various TEF models of portable radios


The idea behind a separate thread is to try and bring together some of the discussion about the devices that you might have so it doesn’t pollute other threads.

I’ll kick off - I’m after a recommendation for a replacement antenna, the one I got isn’t great


That’s the most common complaint of TEF users & I did provide my views & experience with various combo & types of antennas in DX or dx equipment threads.
A 1m telescopic whip is better than a 75cm whip for signal pickup especially away from strong transmitters. A 1.2m whip is also viable in some situations.

I’ve found that a telescopic whip antenna with F connector & F connector adapter best vs the SMA connectors. BNC connecters are worst they swivel all over the place.

Also rather than buying whole new whip antennas, you can also purchase from AliExpress just the base connector for the whip antenna & save some $.
Some folk buy multiple antennas.
I am considering using one of my antennas just as a rigid antenna with a drop of super glue on one side of the swivel part (near screw), enough not to affect the conductivity of whip, but enough to stop antenna flopping all over the place, especially in windy conditions outside.

BTW the steel/metal used in these antennas is crap & easily broken at the swivel base.
Wish we had more reasonably priced & available worldwide manufactured options to cheap poor quality Chinese products.

Good luck.


A pair of rabbit ears works well too. Quite versatile and can be placed in spots where the telescopic antenna can’t get into as easily.

The square blue one is great for one handed DXing (if you’re right handed) and generally has better performance than most others. But it’s also more expensive.

And i haven’t had any issues with the V5/2.0 model as far as the antenna connector goes, it is a screw on one.


I recently had the issues with my SMA on my new Silver Tef where the Centre pin has pushed down through the teflon and the center pin no longer makes contact.
SO have ordered a new SMA fitting.

Heads up for anyone who has the same issue, the internal antenna plug is the same as used for wifi antennas in an iphone, that pissy little plug


The Silver TEF lives to see another day

Spent a bit of down time this afternoon after work modifying the TEF with a new antenna Socket after the centre pin of the old one pushed down

Sadly couldn’t get the new antenna Socket back in the same spot so drilled out a hole above the USB C port and mounted it there

See photos attached below
Have also attached a photo of the old cable so if the someone has the same issues as me they know what they need to look for

Antenna socket inside is to the left of the Volume Knob


Well done!
I’m not very good with things like that.
I barely know one end of a cable to the other.

I would hope I can work it all out given my career lol :slight_smile:

Nice easy repair, the hardest part was drilling the right sized hole for the connector

So the new like for like female SMA panel mount socket didn’t fit or was it a different type?

I see these in lot of 10 from AliExpress. Maybe I should buy some spare ones, just in case?

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Nah I just got a straight SMA socket without the screw mounts

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Nine spares? :grin:

You might be able to get them at Jaycar?

They’ve got lot of SMA connectors.

:grinning: yeah I know. Seems crazy. Sometimes it’s not possible to buy smaller quantities from sellers. I’ve had to do this before, just wanted one piece, but had to buy 10. It’s not an issue to for me if the price is very low.
When searching for this item, I also found it sold by RS Components & they wanted over $30 for one piece & as for Postage & packing??? And maybe a 10 day wait for order. Crazy…

I did a quick look, but didn’t see that type of SMA panel mount.
Some stuff is difficult to source within Australia, unless you pay crazy expensive prices to ‘Element 14’ or ‘RS’.

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This is the one I brought


I ‘think’ this is the one we need as a direct replacement, 15cm.

Yeah that would be pretty much a direct replacement.
Wanted something different so it didn’t bugger up like the old one

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I had to laugh at the label on the silver TEF6686 radio in the video. Obviously shot from Hong Kong region.


For Noise Reduction maybe? Kind of…

I know some Soundbars claim to use Dolby processing, but then that’s all digital.

That’s weird. My above link posted above takes me to the ‘Panasonic’ video, BUT their is another there with ‘Dolby Digital’ & ‘Hi Res Audio’ labels on it below. It’s all crap.


Same here.

On the other video even the sticker itself looks suss


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The Is don’t have it. At least one doesn’t. Maybe it didn’t see eye to eye with the other I.