The Simpsons


Like, Marge becomes a robot,
Maybe Moe gets a cell phone, has Bart ever owned a bear?


New episode moving forward to 8:30pm from Tuesday


That’s better than having new eps against Modern Family.


Is it moving nights?


I think he might have got the day wrong. It seems Outback Truckers is still in at 8.30pm Tuesdays. There are only three episodes of The Simpsons on Wednesday so maybe it moves to 8.30pm Wednesday?


Yes - Wed 23 May

08:30 PM The Simpsons: Fears Of A Clown NEW EPISODE S29-014
Bart goes to prankster rehab after a clown-mask prank terrifies the town and destroys Krusty’s career. A tortured Krusty then tries his hand at serious drama with a regional theater company.

09:00 PM Family Guy NEW EPISODE S17-020
After falling into a coma, Peter comes face-to-face with God, leading him to ask some of life’s tough questions.


It will still clash with Modern Family which has a double episode scheduled from 8.45pm


Sorry, typo, same day.


Last night reverted to three re-runs and new episode at 9pm.

I think because Family Guy had finished its new season, back to repeats now.



There aren’t any great revelations in this article… most of the topics were discussed in the DVD commentaries for the first few seasons which were released decades ago.


Yeah. So stop discussing it any further?


The Simpsons, the alleged the modern day version of Nostradamus, has preposterously fortold the future. Again.


Open wide for some soccer!

Can’t wait to see Ariaga II play

Dont know the reference (whats wrong with you):


I can’t wait to get their autographs.


I can’t wait for the obligatory riot from boredom.


The prediction won’t come true this year after Portugal lost to Uruguay at the weekend.


Was never happening, would have met in the semis if both made it to that stage.


Season 29 Ep4 Treehouse Of Horror XXVII that was skipped will be shown Wednesday 18 July at 9pm.


Whoops. EPG is wrong tonight, for example current episode (8:30pm - 9pm) is saying it’s the NAVY/MAD Magazine episide with Bart and Co as the boy band, but that aired before it (8pm-8:30pm).