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Well, that depends on whether they are racist portrayals, doesn’t it?


My interpretation was that the recruitment of a voice actor of Indian/Asian background to take over the role was suggested, in addition to making changes to the character.


I think that plus removing him from the Kwik E Mart would go some ways to improving the situation. I always found it a bit of a stereotype to have an Indian character working at a convenience store.


How about moving on to managing all the Kwik E Marts in the area or the whole Kwik E Mart empire? :wink:


Now that would be political correctness gone mad.


Because an Indian actor voicing an Indian chsracter is madness? :roll_eyes:


I really don’t see the fuss, all my local servos/convenience stores are manned by Indians, Apus character is just a bit of fun, The Simpsons have been around for 30 years, 30 years of Apu and it’s only now that minority of people have a problem with it. Heck, I’m Italian and have an Uncle Tony that is exactly like Fat Tony, a cousin (that owns a pizza chain in Sydney) named Luigi and Don just represents the rest of my family.


What? Your uncle heads up the mafia in Sydney? :open_mouth:

Does he treats his customers rudely, insulting and belittling them? :wink:


Sure he’s done some dodgy stuff over the years, but that was probably a bad example, his personality was what I was referring too.


Well, it’s the stereotype people object to. It’s like everyone saying to you that you’re Italian so you either must be in the mafia or run a pizza restaurant where you’re rude to customers.


Maybe I’m a bad example, sure, not all Italians own a pizzeria, links with the Mafia etc. My family (Belmonte) will be the most stereotypical Italian family you’ll ever meet :confused:


It is when the character has been voiced by one actor for the previous 29 years. It’s like saying the role of Bart should be re-cast with a 10 year old boy, as a middle aged woman cannot authentically represent the character.


Am Italian

cannot confirm


Nobody is saying it “should” be voiced by an Indian actor but if it was it’s not “madness”.

That’s not the point anyway. The point that is being made by some is that the character does and says things which are stereotypical or racist.




It would be if the only reason for the change is for the sake of it.



Around two-thirds of the Gunsmoke episodes were 1 hour, so The Simpsons will need another 201 episodes to catch up to Gunsmoke’s time on air.


Have no fears, they’ve got stories for years…


They’ve got more stories than Indians have hot curries! Oh…