The Project


So this must be a new arrangement. So are they doing a regular show during Christmas and New Year or will it be just a “Highlights/Best Of”?


Tuesday -

Sarah Harris is co-hosting with Waleed again tonight.


A couple of years ago, they use to go right through. It’s been from 2014, that they have taken two weeks off.

I would say the Christmas Day show, might be pre-recorded with a live news update.


Seriously know one is really going to be watching TV on Christmas Day…people are usually in food comas and drunk :wink:


Sam Maiden next to jump to 10/10 Daily?


I did think about that when she made some appearances on The Project, but there’s something about her I don’t like. She has an air of arrogance about her I think, it’s not endearing. She’d probably make an okay contributor to the network if they wanted more political analysis.


I believe they did take breaks before 2014. I remember they went on a early one in 2012 and they returned on New Years Eve. If they are going to have a Christmas Day show it should be all pre-recorded and don’t worry about live updates. It’s Christmas Day after all.


It’ll be more like a jump back to 10 (or Ten as it was back then when she was there in the Late 90s).


She’d fit in perfectly on The Project if she has an “air of arrogance about her”.


Friday -
Peter Van Onselen is on the show.


There seemed to be a strange vibe tonight.


Imagine if Peter waited one more week before signing to 10, he would have been perfect on Today.


Prob Xmas stress


Promo from tonight.


Great little promo, I really like the text transitions.


No Steve Price in that promo.


Sunday Project should have remained on, either with Summer presenters or at least highlights from the year. Just keeping the slot warm for its return.


I don’t think it’s timeslot was ever warm :joy:


Seeing that nothing else (part from the news) is ratting at the moment, probably should have stayed on.


Monday 24 December -

Gorgi hosting with Waleed and Nath Valvo.

Waleed joked at the start of the show it’s Christmas Eve where penalty rates means only 3 of us :joy: