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The show returns for 2016 tomorrow night.

Daniel MacPherson is hosting this week.

Has he hosted before or just been a guest host?

@JBar l remember him being on the panel in December,but never hosted before.

Yes, I remember that and he did a good job. Just wondering whether he’s ever been in the main hosting chair. They did go through quite a few between Charlie and Waleed.

@JBar l can’t remember him ever co-hosting before. I think he will do very well.

Dan hosting Mon-Thurs this week, Waleed must be back on Friday.

Nigella Lawnson also on tomorrow night with Gary Mehigan guest hosting. She’s obviously on to talk about her Aussie tour, new show on FOXTEL? and Masterchef appearance for the upcoming season.

Meshel Laurie is on both Thursday and Friday nights this week.

Natasha Belling filling in on Friday, whilst Gorgi is still on holidays overseas presumably.

Carrie Bickmore has a slip of the tongue again, telling Adelaide to stand by for “the big breast” instead of the Big Bash.

These slip ups are becoming too frequent now… the show needs to slow down a bit and stop rushing too much into too little time… the way they cut the Scottish actor off (so sorry, didn’t catch his name) to get to the cricket in time was just rude to be honest.

These ‘slip ups’ make the show hilarious, everybody knows Carrie gets tongue twisted sometimes and the words that ensue are usually hilarious - take it for what it is.

I think the name you’re looking for is Alan Cumming, the guest generally would know that they’re last on the show and the wrap up music was already playing and he continued to speak.

Don’t see a problem personally, it’s a fast paced show and they’re on a deadline to get to the cricket on time. Sometimes with live TV you’ve gotta cut things off.

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I think they should have the guests on in the segment before the commercial break. That way, if they’re great they can extend the interview and drop something off the end of the show. If they’re average, they can wrap up the interview and show the stand-by stuff at the end.

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I agree. The show works because it is fast-paced, keeping viewers focused and interested. Obviously at certain moments it slows down, typically for in-depth coverage or distressing stories, but otherwise, and particularly with interviews, its fast-moving nature is what keeps viewers watching.

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A new year and the show runs out of time and the last guest gets cut off,that has always happened.We use to harp on about this very often in old forum.
They really need to warn the guest beforehand that we will run out of time and we will wrap up quite quickly.

Another gaffe from Carriel l see :grin: totally agree with @killy06 comment, the slip ups are a pisser to watch!
Any opinions on gorgeous Dan’s co-hosting?

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He’s quite good at hosting. May not have the political and current affairs knowledge but perfectly capable with other discussions and great banter with the other panellists.

Mel McLaughlin on the show tonight to talk about those comments made by Chris Gayle last night.

Cutting the final guest off is a massive gripe of mine with The Project. They usually save the best guest until last and then don’t allow enough time for the interview. It happens almost nightly.

Dan McPherson did well in the host’s chair last night.

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What! the show came back from a break, Pete said a joke and then they went to another ad break!? The segment must have been only 2mins long!


Interesting article by Good to see that Chris Bath will be retuning in the main hosts chair to fill in for Carrie, looking forward to that. Seems like we haven’t seen the last of Dan McPherson too. I thought it was strange that Carrie & Pete confirmed they had signed on recently for another 2 years but Waleed had only signed on until the end of 2016.

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Will definitely be tuning in to watch how Chris Bath goes


Great to see Bathie back on TV semi-regularly.

Ten should sign Chris bath. There’s lots she can be used for.

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