The Project


Just cleaned up a few posts in here. Can you people not read?


Sorry I didn’t think I was discussing the case. I was actually discussing another case from last week and the trial by media. All of which were reported by Australian media.


2019 getting busier for Hamish.


Friday -

Waleed, Gorgi,Dave Thornton and Narelda Jacobs.


LOVE Narelda Jacobs!!

I am so glad that Ten is finally using her talent so much more!!

I think she is absolutely amazing and we don’t get to see her often in Sydney but I would love to see her present more programming. Late News from Perth, anyone?


…Here we go again :joy::joy::joy:


Except Barnaby Joyce was a rude pig to her.


Omg she’s back in Sydney again!!! Maybe they are going to use her for a new upcoming bulletin


just celebrated ten years at the helm of Perth, she ain’t going anywhere soon, plus she does so much with Indigenous kids around these parts, don’t think she’d wanna end that. but I’m not her so I can’t talk on behalf of her.


I’m only kidding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But you just did a good job speaking on her behalf! :stuck_out_tongue:


Do we think Narelda will be presenting the national bulletins?


thanks, it is now illegal to talk on anyone’s behalf without explicit permission from myself


Yeah! Local and at 9.30. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sunday -

Hamish,Lisa,Dave Thornton and Jo Stanley.

Kitty Flanagan also on the show.


Tonight was the last Sunday Project for the year… back in January apparently.


Any upcoming Guests aside from Jason Mamoa aka Aquaman?


Also it’s in Sydney on Wed for Jason. Are they going to fly everyone up? or go with a Sydney crew?




Did you even read the post directly above that one?