The Project

It is possible to put one’s personal feelings aside and just be a professional and do their job.
And that’s what she has done. It’s not like she is inserting any pro-republic commentary in her reporting.


It’s the usual News Corp agenda against Lisa Wilkinson, the project, 10, Peter Fitzsimons. As night follows day they have this unhealthy vendetta against anything they don’t like. It’s the usual bullshit right wing nonsense…they scream freedom of speech except when they disagree with it, then it’s full blown fascism.


I doubt 90% of the Australian population could give a rates arse to be honest. She seems to be doing a very good job for the Project this week.

And again, News Corp media :man_facepalming:


I had no idea Lisa held those views, and I’ve watched all of The Project coverage with her from London.

So if anything News Corp have just (unintentionally I’m sure) made me realise how professional Lisa is being as a journalist in this instance not to let her personal opinions or bias into the reporting.


A Rare Live Nationwide Edition of The Project on 10Bold airing at 6:30p.m. AEST, No Delays for South Australia, Northern Territory & Western Australia.

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The Project will still be on the main channel as well at 6.30pm all markets for one hour. There will be an extra 30 minutes live on 10Bold leading into the funeral coverage.

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It’s good that there will be a live 90 minute edition over on 10 Bold across the country.

Trying to watch The Project tonight for pre funeral coverage and it’s a painful watch, the show is a shadow of its former self which explains why I rarely tune in now. Hamish really the only redeeming feature of tonight’s show.


The extended part has been a bit of a trainwreck, going to ad breaks when interesting stuff is happening, and Sandra & Lisa in London keep getting cut off mid-sentence by Carrie & Waleed.


Probably would have been better if they finished The Project at the regular time and just had some narration as the coffin arrived without ad breaks.

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Yeah, it was very ordinary and poorly produced. Carrie clearly out of her depth for such an occasion.

It should definitely have just switched to 10 News First for the pre funeral coverage, with a wrap up afterwards.

I just got the strangest spam email featuring Waleed and Dick Smith! I didn’t click the link but assume it’s an investment scam.

Georgie Tunny and Ray Martin hosting tomorrow night with Dave Thornton and Denise Scott.


Now that’s a mixed bag!

Georgie Tunny is also at the desk tonight.

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Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Really really enjoy Georgie on this show, makes it much more watchable.

Ray is good, but better as a guest than a host IMO.

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Better than ACA

Former AFL player Barry Hall on the desk tonight.