The Project

I was thinking the other day, The Project’s set must be coming up to 8 years old? Considering it’s held up well.


We need to stop making jokes in here lol

Especially the ones that aren’t even funny. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel it was hard to tell if you were all making fun of the incident or making fun of Harry for being upset about the Blackface routine.

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It was the New Zealand version not the Australian.


Doesn’t The Project rate poorly, how come it hasn’t also been axed?

Australia is asking the same question bro.

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It’s obviously still making money, plus what would they replace it with? It’s not like day time, where a few repeats will suffice.

I personally hope The Project just evolves the way it has in the past. If it’s not working anymore, slowly try new things and see what works.

Maybe live music, stand up, live polls, have an X feed on screen, viewer questions for guests, a live roving presenter with prizes, more stints on location (like they have in the past in Adelaide and Perth, perhaps from places still in Melbourne like the Neighbours set, or an A-League game)… the possibilities (with a budget) are endless!


Its not 2010. lol. :laughing:


Fair. I was just trying to think of ways to engage with the audience more & leverage the fact that it is live.


Too late. They have destroyed the brand. Have you noted the negative comments on Socials Everytime Network 10 is mentioned? It’s all the same, axe it, cancel it, and so on.

When they announced Studio 10 getting axed, well pretty much every comment called them to axe this show also, and I agree, it’s garbage just be done with it.

However I admire your enthusiasm to fix a show that is broken, the thing is, the network and its management are likely tone deaf and don’t see the problem. Just like how they let Lisa run loose with this show and prance around like some know it all. It was a good show when it kicked off, then they destroyed it.

The funeral for this show has long taken place, probably the best way to put it. Not sure when the burial is though.

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and usually those comments are from people who have never watched the show, have no intention of seeing or engaging with the show, or people who just hate Waleed for no rational reason, or because they fall for stupid clickbait headlines from tabloid news websites designed to make people hate it without even bothering to read the article. Or people who can’t give any example of why the show sucks but of course it must be axed because… reasons. :man_shrugging:

I mean, I do admire how a show that so many people claim never to watch takes up so much room in their heads to have such vitriol against it.

And I have said before, I am not entirely on board with The Project, i don’t watch it every single night. It certainly has flaws and they might take angles on a story or discussion that I don’t necessarily agree with or think is fair. But tbh I’d much rather The Project than the same old same old merry go round of low rent stories on ACA.


It’s far too long at an hour

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Here’s an idea. Why don’t they hire @blackbox as the EP? He made Studio 10 into a success so he seems to be on the ball. Fresh ideas are just what’s needed.


It’s just a matter of time now. Ten are going to trial Deal or no Deal at 6pm and if numbers are okay, they’ll likely extend to an hour and remove The Project.

It’s way too late now. Not even the best EP in the world can save it.


I don’t like The Project here in NZ but the moaning and cheering on for the demise of the Australian show seems pretty over the top… No one is forcing you to watch it.


Would only want it to be replaced if it was with a similar live show, but with a refreshed format. The more likely reality of 10 just replacing it with some US re-runs, more standard news bulletins or a game show would be the far worse outcome.

News Corp and Daily Mail would probably be sad if they didn’t have a show to criticise through random Twitter posts and social media comments too. They seem to have these critical articles down to a science for a lot of Australian content.


I think that despite the fact that I have never watched the show, I feel the best move forward is to air a newshour at 6pm and make The Project a faster paced show starting at 7pm or keep it as an hour and screen it later in evening and have less censorship due to time of main channel screening.

I think, however, Ten has outlined their commitment to the current slot, which is odd considering other programs changing start times when they are considered not performing. But then they need something to fill the gap. Do we really want another ACA or Today Tonight clone?

I say no.

I reckon 2024 will be make it or break it. They’ll monitor Deal or No Deal and if it helps The Project then the show will stay, if there’s no improvement, it’s gone.

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