Studio 10

Is the summer edition going to go ahead this year? Best of all time version? Or just a full death December 22?

Suspect they’ll probably do a summer show for a least two weeks until January 8, as presumably they would’ve returned then. I remember Kerri-Anne and 9am With David & Kim both still did a summer series after wrapping up.

They may have already filmed/started filming intros before the show got axed. I remember Today Extra did back in 2020, before the move to North Sydney.


Oh yeah, i forgot that 9am with David & Kim did that back in the day.

Since the show is finishing up so late into the year, the summer season (if it goes ahead) would probably be a short run version anyway. Before alternate programming begins by early to mid January?

As for the highlights shows on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 would probably just extend the usual weekend line up of Australian lifestyle programs (travel/4WD/Fishing/Cooking etc) into the Studio 10 timeslots.


Will probably just depend on the infomercial payments. If the contracts are already up then the show will stop, but if there are still infomercials to air then so will the show.


Three on the couch plus an audience and a live performance.


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Just two hosts today with another performance to end the show plus some thing from the archives.


Ho, ho, ho


Lol just put this thing to rest already …


For some reason, this week has seen a small improvement in the ratings (from very dismal to just dismal). Yesterday a 4-week high :thinking:


Just no care anymore clearly.

Is next week the last week?

Think they said 21st December


I’m not sure why three no-context screen shots indicates “no care anymore”? What am I missing?

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Friday 22nd.


Cables everywhere, cheap chairs. Just looks so amateur.

For a 3 minute performance in the sausage factory production model of no-budget morning TV, those are very minor things, almost irrelevant or barely noticeable to actual viewers imo


I know, but it’s the little things that count, and they (justifiably so) don’t really care anymore. It was more an observation than a criticism.

Can’t understand the criticism either, what can they do with the cables? They’re for music equipment, only briefly seen in that overhead shot and are necessary :man_shrugging:t3:

And the stools, really? Don’t think i’ve seen them used before, but they’re a modern looking piece of furniture. Not the worst I’ve seen used on this and the other morning shows.

I think it’s unfair to say they just don’t care anymore due to the points you’ve highlighted, many people that work on this show have been there since the beginning or for some time and will be sad to see it end.

I’ll acknowledge that the content and hosting duo / trio has been questionable for some time, but that’s more of a budget and management issue than the people who put the show together IMO.


This Wednesday (December 6), the show will air in Perth at the earlier time of 8.30am, due to 10’s live coverage of women’s football friendly between Canada and Australia.