The Project (2015-Sept 2020)

Especially at this time of the year when Natarsha Belling is being stretched to the limit trying to cover three people on three different programs.

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She, like Chris Bath, is a great all-rounder

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The article doesn’t state when this is meant to occur? Am I the only one who thinks that the time the show was off air should have been the break for the team, and then take holidays throughout the year?

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it is possible to have commitments that require you to take leave at times other than the traditional Christmas break

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I know, but it sounds like they are talking about taking a summer break from the article above…

When you have school aged children now is the best time to take holidays or they will be off during ratings.
Chris Bath is heading to Melbourne tomorrow.

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Tommy Little is doing a report on flirting throughout the week.

Chris Bath hosting from tonight, looks like it will be all this week she’s on the desk.

Kate Langbroek on tomorrow night, yay. Not

this is the reason I don’t watch it anymore, you switch on, 2 minute report/segment straight to a commercial. Too many breaks and segments way too short.


Not even 1 minute into tonight’s show and Chris Bath is a consummate professional. Ten sign her up to a full time gig now!!!


[quote=“cmo, post:30, topic:160, full:true”]
Not even 1 minute into tonight’s show and Chris Bath is a consummate professional. Ten sign her up to a full time gig now!!!
[/quote] Flawless as always. I know that very few will agree, but I am going to say it, Chris Bath is much better Carrie Bickmore. Carrie is really great with chemistry and with the timeslot but I always seem t cringe when she laughs at the start of the news headlines or serious news story and tries to be serious . I being picking and there are thousands of worse presenters than Carrie but my preference is Chris Bath and Natarsha Belling. Looks like Chris Bath has broken her arm, as she has a cast, which luckily camouflages with her pink blouse.

The show’s schedule is utterly disgraceful and should be fixed urgently.

I wish ten would switch the Project over to One in Adelaide so we don’t have to miss the last 20 minutes. I was looking forward to a few things tonight.

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Or do what they do in QLD and put the T20 on One until the Project is over


Agree. Sign her up quick smart before someone else snaps her up.
Watching her presenting the headlines is a huge reminder of how good a newsreader she is.


The whole episode should be up on tenplay right now.

I know. I will watch it there but I wish there was a better option. With 3 channels surely there is a better answer than just cutting it off mid show.

Sign her up to what permanent role at Ten @Mischievous1?

Yes she is needed currently for plenty of Fill-in hosting roles but once everyone returns what does Ten have to offer her on a permanent basis?

Checked Gorgi Coghlan’s twitter and she is on holiday overseas, so bringing in Chris to Fill-in is great with all her experience.


9:30 news bulletin?


Chris Bath and Natarsha Belling are both great fill-in hosts but I prefer Carrie. If The Project. was just about news I would agree with you but it’s not. Its more than just that and that’s why Carrie is better suited in my eyes.


@Turdall That is a pipe dream of members here.

Don’t get me wrong IF Ten do re-introduce more news bulletins yes Chris Bath would be a perfect choice.
Chris is one of the best newsreaders in this country and deserves to back on our screens on a permanent basis.

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