The Morning Show


Sally Obermeder co-hosting with Larry today


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Kylie and presenting news updates today


They seem to be getting a new set in the New Year I saw on Facebook with Karen. Don’t know if she means for the infomercials or for the whole program. This will also include The Daily Edition


Has to be for the infomercials considering it is already built and the chance of TMS getting a separate set to Sunrse is very slim.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they relocate TDE and TMS to Technology Park… there’s no need for them to be at Martin Place. Especially with 7 condensing a lot of their business operations/ cost cutting…


The infomercials for The Morning Show/The Daily Edition are already produced from the Eveleigh studios, aren’t they?

Probably something to discuss at another time/topic, but I actually wonder how long it’ll be until Seven moves away (or at the very least, considerably scales back their presence) from Martin Place.


I personally hope they don’t ever. To me, that is a big advantage Sunrise and the rest of Seven have over Nine with all their news shows being done from Martin Place. There is really a connection between the show and the people or fans/viewers since they can come down to Martin Place and easily see the shows being filmed and the Sunrise team is often out in the plaza there mingling with their fans. Whereas it is to my understanding that all the respective Nine shows are stuck up completely inside a studio in Willoughby, completely away from where anyone could see it being filmed. I just really like being able to see and know that the shows are being filmed right in the heart of Sydney and not away in the suburbs. I’m just saying; you see this is another reason that has made me like Seven compared to other channels.


Wouldn’t it cost more to have staff for those similar shows in two different locations?


The Morning Show, The Daily Edition and Today Extra’s infomercials are filmed at Frenchs Forrest.


Ryan Phelan co-hosting with Kylie this week.


Is that Silk Studios? Owned by NEP?


There wouldn’t be much going on at 7s other studios other than Home and Away? Do NEP and 7 share those studios?


The new set for the infomercials was shown today (or maybe yesterday). It looks ok


Are these segments filmed in Martin Place or another location?

I’m assuming it’s BCM or Technology Park?


So… they showed the new sets for in infomercials during the Summer Edition of The Morning Show?
At least there’s new content on the show :stuck_out_tongue:


Silk Studios in Willoughby.


Someone mentioned a few days ago that the Seven and Nine morning paid spots are all recorded at Frenchs Forest. ?? Can’t remember which thread it was in.


As mentioned above at Silk.


Larry’s son Jye is appearing in the new Drumstick Ice Cream commercials.