The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer was fun to watch. I would rather see it axed than having it shown on another network.

Then how is ABC America able to show the Bachelor franchise year after year?

What’s this supposed to mean? You like it so much but you don’t want it on another network which could air it rather than 10 who’d not pursue it?

It still rates over there?


I dont mind watching The Masked Singer, but the novelty is starting to wearing thin. Having “a season’s break” might be in their best interest. And hopefully return with some fresher panelists.


The Masked Singer has been axed!

It feels like 10 have some serious gaps in their schedule without The Masked Singer, Traitors or Bachelor’s coming back.


There are absolutely some gaps that have been created now, with new announcements on programming for the second half to come.

In saying that, they still have a fair amount to come soon and for the second half of the year already that we know about.

Amazing Race, Hunted, Dessert Masters, TGYH, more Taskmaster, Shark Tank, Wheel of Fortune, Bondi Rescue, Dogs Behaving Badly, Unnamed Robert Irwin show, Impractical Jokers, more Gogglebox, likely more eps of Dog House etc.

There are a couple of low to moderate rating shows hosted by Chrissie Swan ( Would I Lie to You? Australia?) and Dave Hughes (Hughesy, We Have a Problem) that could be resuscitated is desperate.

I wonder if Deal or No Deal Island is expensive? Seems to be creating a lot of noise in the US. Seems like a good fit or hard for other networks to pursue.

Unfortunately that is not enough prime time content to sustain them for the rest of the year.

They’ll need to announce more new content in the next month or so.

Definitely not enough, and I noted above that further announcements would be coming.

But it’s a decent start for them to program around.

Apart from Race, Hunted and Dessert Masters, the rest of these are just one night a week Wed/Thurs type shows or post 830 shows. Hunted, Dessert Masters and Race are likely 3 weekish seasons each too so they are going to need a couple new shows to fill 7.30.


Merely highlighting what we still know to be coming.

This was a thought of mine too, seems like it’s doing well in the US and feels like a natural fit for Ten to do. Not sure how quickly they could film and churn out something like that though unless it’s already in the works.

The problem with DOND Island is the inevitable baseline comparisons to Survivor. I know they’re very different shows and 10 does do both Masterchef and Dessert Masters now.

10 did say in 2020 that they were happy to do two seasons of Survivor a year before COVID ruined that plan. While I think that’s a mistake and they’ve kind of said so as well after the fact, maybe DOND Island can be that happy medium to fill out their 2025 schedule?

Regarding 7:30 Tentpoles: We know Masterchef has 7 more weeks roughly. 3 weeks of Hunted roughly. 6 weeks of TARAUS. Taskmaster will have the Thursday slot locked for 20 weeks. TGYH will take 10 weeks on Wednesday, Shark Tank will take 8 weeks on Tuesday.

It just seems like without Masked Singer, Traitors or Bachelor they will definitely run out of stuff to air in the crucial Sunday Monday slots by October or November.

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I think most of the production cost is spent on costume design, studio set construction, and travel and accommodation for celebrities who are from interstate and overseas.


I would have thought the cost of the celebrities themselves, preparation with singing classes, the security and planning work to not reveal their identities would also have played a bit part of the expenses of the show.

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I still think 10 could’ve kept this show for at least another year. It still does well in the demos and in today’s landscape is still sort of competitive even if it wasn’t earth shattering TV like it was back in 2019.

This is the sort of show that would do well in providing a stable lineup. Bachelors really had seen better days and it was right to axe that but I feel 10’s prematurely let this go and it could come back to haunt them if another network picks it up and it rates well.

Knowing 10 we will probably be getting derivative versions or second seasons of their current tentpoles. Nothing really exciting unfortunately.

They are a business, what good are demos if the show isn’t making money.