The Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers

They’re inspired unemployed.


Is Dr Dre actually a doctor? :wink:
Is the Ministry of Sound actually a government ministry? :wink:


I mean i guess they couldn’t call it the same name as the US one so had to add inspired unemployed.

I’m sure nothing would’ve stopped them using the same name since they clearly have the format rights, but The Inspired Unemployed has a certain amount of recognition they would have wanted to capitalize on by including it in the name.




Looks like auditions are now open for season 2.

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Oh I thought it was unsuspecting people they did it to? I know a lot of “actors” were background characters last season

It is “unsuspecting people” but their friends or family set them up.


A prank featuring a member of comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed (Jack Steele) and three high-profile Australian feminists went awry on Wednesday night, with audience members furious at what they labelled a “fake event” that was “triggering” and “painfully unfunny”.

Promoted on social media under the title Love Unboxed, the free event held at The Neilson on Sydney’s Walsh Bay, promised an evening of “insightful discourse and thought-provoking discussions as renowned feminists Antoinette Lattouf, Clementine Ford and Yumi Stynes engage in a lively conversation on the intricacies of sex, love, relationships and marriage”.

As the discussion unfolded – with seemingly serious intent on the part of the women – Steele received his orders via earpiece from the rest of the Inspired Unemployed team.

Steele’s attendance had actually been orchestrated as part of a skit for the second season of the TV show (Impractical) Jokers.


This is hilarious. Fancy these Uber feminists in the audience getting triggered and crying at what clearly was a joke. They must have no sense of humour and revel in their lives of doom and gloom. Snowflakes.

Dont dare say that! You’ll get banned for a week if a certain person has it in for you.

You really are getting very tiresome.


Is this what Comedy in this country has become?


Sounds like a Sacha Baron Cohen style stunt… the poor snowflakes in the audience will get over it.

Don’t keep saying that. You ll get banned for life. :stuck_out_tongue: