The increasingly crowded streaming market

Disney, HBO and Paramount are all globally recognised brands, because they are the names of the global distribution arms. Arguably HBOmax could have been named after Warner Bros, both are internationally recognised.

The issue for Peacock is that the branding is based off of NBC’s logo, which for the domestic market is great, but for international markets have no value. If the service was named after Universal Studios, it would have a much wider recognition.


This is the type of partnership that consumers want.

Americans are paying for two services when europe gets it in one.

Just like we get Disney + and Americans need to get Disney and Hulu


Random thought - why don’t the FTA’s offer a premium service? E.g 7 Plus Premium. By all means keep the free version with ads, but I would’ve thought an option of $10 a month would be attractive to some viewers.

Sorry if this has been discussed before.


I would probably watch the reality offerings if I could watch ad free so you could be onto something here.

Nine and Ten already do - Stan/Paramount+.

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do they offer ad-free titles from FTA?

Re-read the post.

That’s not what I mean. I mean 9 now and 7 plus etc. Those services with a premium version.

Not yet - But they could easily.

But they don’t, which was the original question


Nine & Ten already do this. Channel 7 is the one that everyone is waiting on to see what happens there. Don’t think ABC and SBS will do it.

ABC wouldn’t be allowed to, although both already charge for certain shows or movies on their services.

They do?

SBS on Demand for a free streaming service is absolutely outstanding .


So is ABC to be fair.


I reckon it will come down to how they get counted in the ratings - if a premium user’s viewing of a show isnt counted toward the ratings of the show, I doubt the commercial networks will want it.


A new report from regional consultancy Media Partners Asia found that Australia had 22.1 million premium video subscribers as of the end of August, up from 19.4 million at the same time in 2021. Netflix claimed 30 percent of the pie, according to MPA, with Disney+ and Prime Video each taking a 17 percent share. Local operators Foxtell OTT bundle (which includes Kayo, Binge and Foxtel Now) and Stan trailed with 12 percent and 11 percent shares, respectively.

AFR is reporting that Seven are the frontrunner to secure the NBCU rights, which may include an option to launch Peacock in Australia