The Garden Hustle

A new gardening makeover program, The Garden Hustle, will give everyone a chance to create their slice of backyard bliss, no matter how green their thumb is.

Hosted by Australian actress Lisa McCune and garden landscaper, The Block’s Dave Franklin (along with resident pooch Robin), this series follows everyday homeowners and renters on their journey to create their very own garden oasis.

Always aspirational and achievable, every makeover featured will be carried out by the occupants themselves as they hustle to turn their tired spaces into green oasis. This homegrown production full of heart and humour will become a feelgood gardening fix with plenty of genius garden timesavers for viewers to try.

The Garden Hustle is an Ambience Entertainment production for the 9Network, created and produced by Monica O’Brien.


Will be a good addition to the weekend line-up.