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The Front Bar raises a glass to 2023

Mick, Sam and Andy return for The Front Bar: All Sports – Year in Review and Cricket Edition

The Front Bar is back! Mick Molloy, Andy Maher and Sam Pang will assume their usual positions at the bar tomorrow at 8.30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus for two weeks of everyone’s favourite sports show with The Front Bar: All Sports – Year in Review and The Front Bar: Cricket Edition.

From the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ through to the eve of an epic Summer of Cricket on Seven, no sport will be off limits when the gentlemen give their take on the year that was, look back at 2023’s most memorable sporting moments, and celebrate at the bar with some of Australia’s favourite sporting heroes tomorrow night.

This week’s show is set to be a classic, headlined by Aussie spin king, Nathan Lyon, and world class jockey Damien Oliver following his swansong Group One race on Thousand Guineas Day at Caulfield.

Then, on Thursday, 30 November, Mick, Sam and Andy will be joined by Pakistani cricket commentator and coach and one of the greatest left-arm fast bowlers of all time, Wasim Akram, ahead of the first Australia v Pakistan Test, which begins Thursday, 14 December following an epic opening week of BBL | 13, live and free on Seven.

Molloy shared his excitement about The Front Bar: All Sports – Year in Review and Cricket Edition making a grand return.

“Sport is my area of expertise, and the five couches I have gone through in the last year can attest to that,” he said.

“I’ll be doing the show with Andy Maher and Sam Pang. Let’s not forget, Sam hosted the Logies and credit to him, it’s still probably one of the most seamless uses of canned laughter in television we’ve seen in a long time.”

The Front Bar: All Sports – Year in Review

The Front Bar: Cricket Edition

8.30pm AEDT Thursdays on Channel 7 and 7plus


The Front Bar is done and dusted for another year.

Wasim Akram was a great guest. Lots of laughs with him.

The show ended with EP Adrian Brown, who also produced “The Test: Feature Length Special” that followed.


Was a great ep tonight.

That’s not the same Seven News Sydney senior journo/correspondant from about 15 years ago is it?


Different one.


I wonder what he’s up to these days. Last I heard he was employed by Al Jazeera? Might be wrong.

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No Olympic edition in July/August due to Nine holding the rights.

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I wonder if Mel will return for the All Stars Edition, or it will be the original 3?

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Given the AFL season is still on, they’d probably mostly focus on that anyway given they hold the AFL rights?

And it would be up against live Games coverage on Nine too.


Seven seem to be updated a lot of their promos to “This February”.


Returns Thursday 15 February 8:30 pm

The Front Bar: All Sports Edition: Join Sam Pang, Mick Molloy and Andy Maher as they share a laugh about the world of sport and catch up with stars of yesteryear and today.


Last year it started on the 1st of February

Last year, Mel McLaughlin joined the team for the “All Stars” version. Seven probably realised that it didn’t boost Sydney’s numbers at all, and that her banter wasn’t the best. And left it to the original trio to host this.

According to Herald Sun’s Media Street column, The Front Bar will move to its new permanent timeslot of Wednesday nights this year, due to the increasing number of Thursday night AFL matches.


Good idea. Keep it consistent.


They need to keep it at 8.30 as much as possible on a Wednesday.

Understandable if it’s at 9.00 for a one-off episode of The Voice or MKR. As Seven don’t have any formats anymore that run for four nights (like MAFS/Block/Masterchef), this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Remember back in 2020 Sam and Mick on both the show and on radio were making fun for weeks of the fact they pushed to 9.15 because of Britain/America’s Got Talent. IIRC the ratings dropped.


The Front Bar’s grand reopening**

The Front Bar returns live and free on Channel 7 and 7plus on 15 February

Following a jam-packed 2023 season that covered every sport from cricket and football to everything in between, everyone’s favourite sports show – The Front Bar: All Sports Edition – is back for three weeks of national prime time shows on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Focussed on all sports, resident patrons Mick Molloy, Andy Maher and Sam Pang will once again be serving Furphy Beer when they kick-start happy hour at the bar at 8.30pm on Thursday, 15 February 2024.

Over the next three Thursdays, a talented crop of Australia’s most iconic sports stars from multiple codes will stop by the bar to reflect on their biggest moments and untold stories of their careers, including the legendary Cathy Freeman OAM, Australia’s most revered basketballer Luc Longley AM, Australian tennis legend Pat Cash and one of rugby league’s most celebrated stars, Mal Meninga AM.

In an exciting announcement for fans, sports-mad Australian actor Eric Bana will also make an appearance at the bar.

The Front Bar host, Mick Molloy, said: “We have some of the Australia’s best sporting stars joining us. I was thinking of wearing a similar outfit to the one Cathy wore at the 2000 Olympics, but the censor wouldn’t allow it. Apparently, there could be kids watching.

“I’ve spent all summer doing nothing but sitting on a couch watching sport, so it’ll be a nice change to spend some time sitting at a bar talking about sport