The Front Bar

Thought it was about time ‘The Front Bar’ deserved its own thread after todays news.

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The show will also be shown in Perth at 8.30pm from next week. This week it’s at 9.30pm.


Right… how come Seven Perth aren’t launching this week?

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Such a quality show :ok_hand:

Been laughing my head off!

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Rip LukeMovieMan 2005-2017


TIL Luke is 12.

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NB/ His actual age is only known by himself and the security staff at Seven Docklands.


Seven Sydney has a lot of faith in it … it’s on at midnight on 7mate.

It’s an AFL show, NRL shows air at those times here in Victoria.

EPG still has Front Bar at 9.30 next Thursday in Perth

Do they all actually drink the beer during the commercial breaks or does Mick Molloy drink the lot?

Molloy and Pang are a lot funnier on Have You Been Paying Attention?, on this show it’s all AFL in jokes that go over my head.

The show won Melbourne again… (and took the win over 3 cities)


What cities? I heard it lost in Perth (up late) and lost in Adelaide (now at 8:30pm).

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He is referring to the combined audience.

They have a chance to kill off The Footy Show or at least seriously injure it.

Pissweak effort from whoever’s running Plus7.

Only uploaded the first 12min of Thursday’s ep!?


(Thought there was a bug or something wrong with my device, but sadly not)

Someone kindly put it on YouTube for you. It’s currently the first one here:


:ok_hand: Ta

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Tonight’s skit with Mick and Bruce McAvaney at BCM was hillarious :joy:

Anyone got caps/video?

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