The Footy Show (NRL)


From Wednesday 2 March at 8.40pm

LIVE from Townsville

The Logie Award-winning NRL Footy Show is back next week in its new Wednesday night timeslot – beginning March 2 at 8.40pm, before the 2016 NRL season officially opens with Nine’s LIVE Thursday Night Football.

Paul “Fatty” Vautin, Erin Molan, Beau Ryan and Darryl “The Big Marn” Brohman will broadcast the first episode direct from the home of the 2015 NRL premiers, the North Queensland Cowboys, and be joined on the panel by Cowboys co-captain and Footy Show favourite, Johnathan Thurston.

Joining the Footy Show team on a regular basis throughout the season, to provide expert commentary, will be some of the game’s biggest names including Billy Slater, Sam Thaiday, Paul Gallen, Matt Moylan, James Maloney, James Tedesco and recently retired Clint Newton. And in the season opener, Nine Network NRL commentators Brad Fittler, Andrew Johns and Brett Finch will have news on another massive rugby league announcement soon to come.

Footy Show regular Sam Squiers and sports reporter Renee Gartner will bring league fans all the news from around the grounds in The Footy Show’s new, big game preview segment.

Everyone’s favourite segments return for 2016, headed up by Small Talk with The Big Marn, where Darryl Brohman will again put the footy schoolkids of Australia under the spotlight with more hilarious moments.

Beau Knows is back with an amazing entrance, and Beau Ryan will continue to deliver his unique interviews and segments with his Hollywood heavyweight mates.

Player Probe takes you straight into the sheds, with NRL stars opening up to The Footy Show on all sorts of topics.

On top of all of this there will be new segments, including Footy Feud and The Footy Show Chin Up Challenge, as well as more special guest hosts and in-depth interviews taking viewers inside the world of rugby league the way only Fatty and Co can.

And – after last year’s Highway of Happiness tour success – the gang will again hit the road … but where exactly will they pop up this time?

Nissan, Home Timber & Hardware and return to the show as long-running sponsors.

^ What about non NRL states? Couldn’t find it listed.

I put the scheduling for the Nine Schedule thread @ 11.30pm but I think there has been a change to the schedule - will check

Edit: It will be show 11:45 pm on Thursday night next week.

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I can’t believe people still watch this trype. It’s awful!


Same. The NRL Footy Show should’ve been axed ten years ago IMO!

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that’s a bit generous, I was thinking at least 15.


[quote=“Sifon, post:2, topic:896, full:true”]
What about non NRL states? Couldn’t find it listed.[/quote]

[quote=“TV.Cynic, post:3, topic:896”]
It will be show 11:45 pm on Thursday night next week.[/quote]
As I posted in Nine Network scheduling thread, this means it will be shown after Thursday night NRL. Who wants to watch a Thursday night match then go back to see the preview and the experts’ predictions? I posted a message on the show’s Facebook page urging Nine to move the show back to Wednesday nights for AFL states.
There will also be AFL matches on Thursday nights during the year and Nine won’t be silly enough to show AFL Footy Show in Sydney and Brisbane after those matches.

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Well, I find that really odd. There is NO reason for Nine to air the NRL Footy Show on Thursday nights down in Melbourne. Why cant they air it on Wednesday nights like in Sydney and Brisbane?


Absolutely peed myself laughing at the musical introductions at the start of the show, especially Darryl Brohman dressed up as Adele.


Nine has relented and will air the show at late night Wednesday in AFL states from this week.

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From the “Wednesday 9 March 2016” ratings thread:

I generally have to agree with both of those posts.

Personally I say that The NRL Footy Show either needs the biggest relaunch it will ever get (including replacing all the hosts), or just axe it in favour of a regular NRL series of Footy Classified and be done with it.

I do have to agree, the show has gone downhill. I’ve watched for years and generally enjoy it, must say though the last two shows have just been boring to be honest. Fatty has no idea whats going on most of the time. It used to be funny watching him stagger through trying to work out what to say/do, it is so frequent now that it’s unprofessional and annoying. I lost a lot of respect for Beau last year and don’t really care for any of his segments anymore. Also the constant video clips for song recreations do my head in. The show really does need a shake up of the panel members and some more footy talk.


It hasn’t rated well for at least ten years. There was the failed relaunch in 2005 after a ratings tumble where they introduced Rebecca Wilson to help introduce more footy chat and she left after a week.

The show just appears so out dated, I saw it briefly with the sound off on Wednesday and they appeared to be creating memes on a picture of Eels club captain Tim Mannah? So bizarre.

In 2016 there is plenty of other places you can get league information and analysis. Fox Sports’ NRL 360, which is on 3 times a week. Sterlo’s show on Fox, Matty Johns on Fox and The Footy Show just doesn’t stack up - even if it is heavily based in a variety/comedy format.

If I was Channel Nine, I’d swing the axe now. Replace it with NRL Confidential or similar. Bring in new hosts, panellists and change it into an agenda setting show at 9:30pm Wednesdays. It may not work, but then the current show is not either.


I wonder if Nine could make a broader sports based show work. Keep the basics of NRL coverage but add some AFL, cricket, motor sport etc. Bring in new experts for those sports to lessen the amount of air time for current team. Plus, let go some of them and introduce a competent and experienced host. Higher profile ones like Fatty can stay on but he wouldn’t be the anchor and the first person you saw when you switched on (and then switched off :grinning:).


Isn’t that what the WWOS program was like in the 80’s?

by gee by jingo by crikey, I wish that would come back… I use to love Sports Sunday too - 4-6pm :smiley:

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Footy Show doing some million dollar promotion

Getting desperate

Actually, they’re giving away 1 Million Cents…or $10k! :wink:

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Last week they even tried a revamped kick for cash…instead of one placekick from 40m it’s now kick 3 drop goals from god knows how far for $5000.

The $10,000 Footy Show Giveaway is ripping off Today in a Big Way, There’s no way they can get all those New South Wales and Queensland Viewers back to the Ailing Wednesday Night Show.

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