The Footy Show (AFL)


Would any other broadcaster really want Sam Newman though?

You’d have to imagine that 2019 will most likely be the last year for the Thursday night version of The AFL Footy Show.


Something on Foxtel? No doubt Newman would think he has some value to a broadcaster.


I hear Outsiders has a spot open and it wouldn’t even need to be a gimmick for John, given his political views are already out there.


Perhaps hanging onto him for The Sunday Footy Show.


Herald Sun is reporting The Footy Show will return with only 4 or 5 special episodes hosted by Eddie and Sam in 2019.

There will be an unrelated weekly football panel show with new talent.


Eddie has made an announcement on his radio show this morning about it - not sure of the contents though


Peter Ford is reporting that Sam Newman has signed a new ‘multi year’ contract with 9.


There is a Triple M podcast online of this morning’s show where Eddie outlines the changes:

  • Footy Classified returns in same Monday night format.

  • Sunday Footy Show with Tony Jones returns with expanded length. Sam Newman to do special interviews

  • The Footy Show Specials. 4 or 5 major event “shiny floor” type entertainment shows hosted by Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman. E.G. Season Opener, Theme shows, Grand Final Show

  • Midweek panel show (name to be announced). Focusing on football previews, new hosts and player talent to be announced.


That’s something he can actually do and manage not to be a complete idiot.



I assume it means extending it to 2 hours plus, leading into Suncorp Super Netball match of the day, bumping World Surf League highlights.


Aside from cancelling it entirely, moving to 4-5 specials a year (say…a start of season program and a finals series) would probably be the best thing Nine can do for The AFL Footy Show.


Yep, he’s actually quite good if it’s an interviewee he’s interested in. If they can keep him away from commenting on politics (I think most people couldn’t care less about other’s political thoughts, it’s merely the ‘extremes’ that are vocal) even better. Footy Show is dead, I wonder bother with the 4 or 5 specials.


The Sunday Footy Show could be 2 hours long, as the NRL version has been two hours long for some years now, usually leading into the netball. Could work for the afl version too.

Having 4-5 specials for the prinetime version is a good idea.


Herald Sun is reporting that Brendan Fevola will be the only one from the show to remain and be involved in the new show