The Footy Show (AFL)


I think it’s clear we won’t see the AFL Footy Show back in this format next year. It’s way too expensive to operate. I can see the show moving into the current GTV9 studios with a much smaller budget.


Surely Nine can’t justify renewing The AFL Footy Show for a full series based on the respectable ratings for the Grand Final show in only one market?

Maybe special editions for the finals could be OK, but overall I still think both versions (more about my opinion about the NRL version in the relevant thread soon) need to be axed in favour of something else because they haven’t rated well on a regular basis in more than a decade.


Having watched both TFS and The Front Bar last night, TFS Wins hands down. It was so much more entertaining than the Front Bar. And the production values were outstanding.


Yes but will Nine be making a return on its expensive production values?


If only they could set the standard up that high in their normal shows, rather than just their Grand Final editions.


So let me work this out, the dinosaurs on the AFL footy show is compeditive when they book out Rod Laver and do a super expensive variety show. The front bar must be raking in the money by comparison.


They didn’t sell out Rod Laver though.


I was offered 4 free tix…


Haha weren’t they selling for $75 a pop?
I heard that they closed the top tier, the crowd looked reasonably thin on tv.


I also watched both shows but have to disagree with this notion that there was a clear ‘winner’. Both shows did what they normally did - The Front Bar stuck with its tried & tested format while the GF Footy Show is always a big spectacular with the guest performers, player revue and so on.

Now, you can make an argument that TFB’s format probably doesn’t lend itself to having a big ‘crescendo’ episode like TFS does. However, it didn’t mean that (IMO) their show last night wasn’t entertaining.


Not sure, I declined and didn’t watch.

But the top tier and RLA can be curtained off for smaller events.


THE AFL FOOTY SHOW announced to be returning at Upfronts.


AFL Media’s senior journalist Damian Barrett has quit The Footy Show after a decade but is expected be involved with other Nine footy related shows.


This was on the cards several weeks ago after his falling out with Eddie McGuire.


Today Sam Newman met Nine’s senior executives, including CEO Hugh Marks and GTV managing director Matt Scriven. Newman told the Herald Sun that they explored the possibility of him working on a new show.
A Nine spokesperson told the AFL website that both parties would continue to look at opportunities together for 2019.


He could do a court room reality show where he passes judgement on petty cases. Probably be slightly more entertaining than Trial by Kyle.


Sam Newman’s contract with Nine, which technically expired on October 31, has been extended to the end of this year, while Nine sought out about what role he would play with the network in 2019.


But will he be on air at all in those two months?


I guess it keeps him from going elsewhere until they sort out what they’re doing.


The AFL Footy Shows time has come to an end. Nine should be spending the money on another Melbourne based Project.