The Footy Show (AFL)


This is similar back in late 2017 where Fatty Vautin was axed from the NRL footy Show (but still remained at Nine) with a huge revamp of this show. Erin Molan replaced vautin as the host of the show and ratings have started to take a dive. Since Erin Molan went on maternity leave, James Bracey has taken over as host of the show. As it approached to the finals footy, the ratings have crashed to new lows.

The thing is that Rebecca Maddern will leave the Footy Show but will remain at Nine to host Ninja and Australian Open Tennis. But the point is about Sam Newman. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the footy show.


Fox Footy is reporting that Sam is leaving


sam opening the show.


In short from Sam; If the show is axed next year, he won’t be returning. Nine are unsure on what are the plans for next year


yep… definitely sounding like a goodbye


Sam will not continue with the show next year.


What’s the difference? “If The Footy Show ends, it was his farewell”

Well OBVIOUSLY. Wouldn’t it be everyone’s farewell as the show is done?

What a ridiculous thing to say.


Sorry I wasn’t responding to you personally more the way this is being handled.



Two words - Good Riddance


So many ugly comments under the footy show’s Sam message video. We get it, either a Sam hater or lover, but at least pay acknowledgment to his contributions to the great show over the decades or as Eddie loves to jibe “the original”


I admit that after I watched the NRL Footy Show on a Thursday night, I liked to watch the first hour or so of the AFL Footy Show many many years ago. It was funny with Eddie, Sam and Trevor. When I’ve seen the odd bit of it in recent years I haven’t liked it at all. Not funny and Sam Newman is just pathetic. It’s gone down hill just like the NRL version has. I’ll give Sam Newman his due based on those early years.


nah mate, he’s a repeat racist and sexist.


Just saw the Grand Final edition held at Rod Laver Arena. It is still entertaining and funny as ever. Production standard for the annual player revue is still very high.
At the end of the show Eddie McGuire simply said “this has been the Footy Show for 2018, good night” and did not give too much away on whether the show will be back in 2019. Hopefully there will be an answer before Nine’s 2019 upfronts.


I watched the final 10 minutes of the Grand Final Edition of The AFL Footy Show on the Live Nationwide section and noticed that the final song was Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO featuring Goon Rock and Lauren Bennett. This was a good way to sign off the Footy Show for the year


Perhaps forever?


Hasn’t been funny or relevant for at least 5 years, so forever might not be long enough.
Think it might be obvious where I stand in the whole “should The Footy Show continue” debate…


They aired a lot of “Best of 25 years” clips tonight which gave the impression that it will be the final show ever.


They were mostly centered around Sam’s involvement in the show. My tip is that Nine will give it another year to see if ratings pickup without Sam.

I flicked between The Footy Show and Front Bar tonight and The Footy Show was by far the better product. The Front Bar was a serious let down compared to its usual form - the just didn’t have enough to lift the vibe and get excited about the Grand Final.


This was happening regardless :slight_smile:
Purely to celebrate the 25 years.
Maybe nine could look at maybe only having the show as a series of specials for the finals and then have the big grand final show each year? Maybe that’d be an alternative?