The Footy Show (AFL)


Tuesday lol. This show is finished.

The new format is terrible.


US country music superstar Carrie Underwood will perform at the Grand Final edition on September 27.



No great loss. Barrett has really struggled to break any big stories this year. His segment is often based on rumours and speculation.


This show needs to be axed, and then if Nine wants an AFL show on Thursday night start from scratch with a new show.


The NRL version should have been axed 15 long years ago.

The AFL version should be axed in a few weeks time, with its ratings heading downwards and the Front Bar’s going upwards.

2019: Start fresh for both versions. And NOT call it the Footy Show.


The Sunday Herald Sun reports Nine is considering up to 8 options for the primetime footy entertainment offering next year. Eddie McGuire’s JAM TV is expected to produce the show, but Nine will have strong influence and input into the structure, look, feel and line-up of the show. The report says discussions are still taking place on whether the Footy Show name will be carried into next year’s offering, or if the show needs a new name.

Jon Stevens and The Living End will perform at the Grand Final edition next Thursday week.


Why not kill both versions and produce a proper variety show instead of these sports attempts at them. Nine already have proper AFL and NRL panel shows, they don’t need this.


A variety show with a sports segment could be a great idea! They wouldn’t need to have separate AFL and NRL versions either,


Looking at Sports Tonight, I don’t think mixing NRL and AFL is a forward step for Nine. I can see why the ratings are so low for ST. When I record, I skip straight through most of the RL content. Fact is A LOT of people can’t stand one or the other. It is better to divide the program into two for the local tastes. In this day and age, the networks need to be trying to keep viewers engaged, not alienating them by watering the content down.


Synopsis of Grand Final edition at 7.30 Thursday 27th

Grand Final Edition
The Grand Final Footy Show spectacular returns to Rod Laver Arena for its 25th anniversary. An amazing line-up of the biggest names in music and AFL will provide an epic celebration ahead of the game’s biggest day. Music acts include Vance Joy, US Country Superstar Carrie Underwood, The Living End and Jon Stevens.


on at 7:30 in Adelaide and Perth too?


Is that a record for the most musical performers in a Grand Final show?


Last year’s show had Jimmy Barnes, Jessica Mauboy and Mark Seymour, so it’s one more performer than last year.


Yes. As it is shown on delay



shows ending?


Can’t see how he’s " looking forward" to that (if it is ending), unless they’re announcing a replacement show too.


Rumor is Sam will resign on the show tonight. The show is going to be reformatted in 2019 and Nine may have told him he will not be offered a new contract.


I’d say this would be the most likely scenario. The show won’t be ending. You wouldn’t celebrate 25 years and then axe it. The front bar on its current form has only been around for a couple of years. It’s TV… things get stale and then they go and reinvent it. Look at news, branding, formats of shows, variety’s of programming. It’s the way it works, next logical thing for TFS is to rearrange the lineup and the format to something new.