The Footy Show (AFL)


If I’m not mistaken, Seven has the exclusive rights for AFL until (at least) 2022 so don’t expect a change of broadcaster until then.


Hopefully, never. They were awful between 2002-06. As said above, rights are tied until the end of the 2022 season.


It is still profitable for the network to produce? The major sponsors usually cover most of the broadcast costs.


If people are still watching it, it’ll stay. Not everybody likes every single show on a network so it’ll stick around because some like it.


I heard on Rebecca maddern’s instagram and noticed that she will still do AFL Footy Show even though she will have her first child.


As in she won’t go on maternity leave?


When the show goes head-to-head with The Front Bar for the first time this year, they’ll probably have her give birth live on air as a ratings stunt… with Sam making misogynistic comments, Crawf acting more immature than the child, and Fev and Billy drinking along the way.

(Yes, I know this won’t happen, but given the state of the world these days…)


As in The Footy Show is completely unwanted but shown anyway?


Pity I think crawf already spit the dummy and has left the show.


I’m sure they will give her a week off.


They’ll induce her on a Friday, and make sure she’s ready for the next Thursday show :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty fancy set for the show this year!


Set elements from last year have been incorporated:


Newman bagging another woman journalist tonight, calling her a dill. Will he ever learn?


I also notice that audience in the front rows now have a long bench. No more large round tables.


Some caps from last nights show. Not short on set decor, unlike its NRL counterpart:


I really like this set.


reports are the footy show was beaten by googlebox.

not a good start to the season


Until the actual footy starts I won’t be surprised that they will get beaten in ratings, the first couple of shows without the teams to keep the semi funny bits in check (perhaps being generous on the semi funny) is usually just garbage designed to kill time and not much else.


The figures are in the Thursday ratings.