The Footy Show (AFL)


Well they need to try and boost their miserable ratings (even if temporarily) somehow don’t they - even if it’s Sam and his usual pathetic stunts. Mind you, It doesn’t really work nowadays as people are simply over this turd of a show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He didn’t criticise Turnbull. That article is just a summary of what was on the show last night…


Ridiculous that he’s been criticised at all. I see nothing wrong with it. These people seriously need to get a life. Another example of outrage over being outraged. Some feel the need to get outraged over everything. :roll_eyes:


Is this law real?

Sam mentioned it various times throughout the show as he was forced to use a doll for his skit. Trent Cotchin also couldn’t bring his newborn on set.


It probably is. There are a lot of stupid laws. Like in SA you cannot wear hot pink pants on a Sunday


That’s news to me. Hope they have good wifi in prison because I am taking these off for no one.

It is a law though, at least in Victoria.


turdall, the law is about protecting children from exploitation.


Heh, Christopher Pyne and I are criminals then.


Sorry I didn’t actually watch the show or read the article. I was simply just saying there are many laws that are stupid or pointless that aren’t followed and would cost too much to remove from the legal system. It wasn’t a go at the law.


Jessica Mauboy and Mark Seymour have joined the performer line-up for the Grand Final edition on Thursday week, according to today’s Herald Sun.


Rebecca can’t be happy she gave up 7 News for this crap? Seriously.


AFAIK no one forced or held anything to her to take the available position at the start of last year. She knew what type of show she was getting involved in before taking the offer up.


She’d be over the moon with Ninja Warrior.

One of Nine’s biggest network stars now!


better to have this than being ‘Sunrise Correspondent’ I guess. She was always under-used at HSV, so that’s probably why she jumped.


so sam newman has gone off the deep end and spent 2 minutes spewing vitriol at the AFL for supporting marriage equality. Good to see eddie come in and make some great points.


Adelaide AFLW premiership player, AFLW best and fairest winner and former WNBA player Erin Phillips will be on the panel for tomorrow’s Grand Final edition from Rod Laver Arena.


For the first time ever, AFLW players were invited to perform at the players revue at the Grand Final edition of The Footy Show. I think it will now be an annual tradition.


Well it was their first season after all :wink:


Appeared to me as though there could be more of a tie-in with the AFLW next year.
The player’s revue concluded with Beyonce’s ‘Run The World (Girls)’ followed by another tweaked logo which now includes a female footballer.

Logo shown during the opener

Closer logo


Dave Hughes has left the network to join Ten